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Dictionary of the main names for bicycles and trips related to bicycles / Wörterbuch der wichtigsten Namen für Fahrräder und Reisen im Zusammenhang mit Fahrrädern / Orðabók yfir helstu heiti fyrir reiðhjól og ferðir tengt reiðhjólum

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27.5 Mountain bike27,5 Mountainbike27,5 fjallahjól27.5 山地自行车27,5 Mountainbike27.5 VTTa mountain bike with wheels that are approximately 27.5 inches in diameter, and are based on ISO 584 mm (aka 650B) rims.
29er (bicycle)29er (Fahrrad)29er (reiðhjól)29er(自行车)29er (cykel)29 pouces (vélo)a mountain bike with wheels that are approximately 29 inches in diameter, and are based on ISO 622 mm (aka 700C) rims.
à blocà blocàblokk一个集团à blokà blocRiding or going "à bloc" means giving it all you've got, going all out, riding as hard as one possibly can (which can be risky for it leaves one in a state where recovery is needed, and therefore vulnerable to being attacked). Example: "I really gave it all in the last kilometers, although I didn't think it was possible until I crossed the line. I just went "à bloc".[1]
aeroAeroloft航空aeroaéroadj. abbreviation for aerodynamically efficient.
aero barsAero-Lenkerloftstangir空气棒aero barerbarres aéroExtension of the handlebars usually allowing the rider to rest his elbows and benefit from improved aerodynamics. Often found on Time trial bicycles or triathlon bicycles.[2]
airLuftlofti空气luftairn. space between the tires and the ground. (Both tires must be off the ground or it isn't "air".) Said to be caught or gotten. See sky.
all mountainalle Bergeallt fjall全山hele bjergettoute montagneall-rounder A racing cyclist who excels in both climbing and time trialing, and may also be a decent sprinter. In stage races, an all-rounder is likely to place well in the General classification. Eddy Merckx and Miguel Indurain were notable all-rounders; Lance Armstrong, Ivan Basso, Samuel Sánchez, Cadel Evans, Bradley Wiggins, and Alberto Contador are more contemporary examples. All-rounders are usually Team Leaders in both stage races and classics cycle races. The term all-rounder is also applied to a bicycle designed to function well for varied terrain and uses, unlike the typical bike today which is specifically designed for a narrow range of use and terrain.
alleycatStaßenkatzesundköttur胡同猫gydekatchat de gouttièreA bicycle race typically organized by bicycle messengers or couriers. Alleycat races seek to replicate some of the duties that a working messenger might encounter during a typical day. The races usually consist of previously undisclosed checkpoints, which are listed on a manifest, that a racer will have to go to; once at the checkpoint the racer will have his/her manifest updated. First racer to return with a completed manifest wins. Alleycats were first formalized in Toronto, Canada in 1989; however, messengers have been racing against each other for much longer. Recently, with the boom in urban cycling, many non-messengers have been participating in and organizing alleycat races.[3]
anchorAnkerakkeriankerancreEndearing term to designate a cyclist's child. The latter tends to "anchor" the rider at his home. Not a pejorative term.[4]
anoanoano阳极anoanoadj. frequently-misspelled abbreviation for "anodized".
apexApextoppur顶尖spidssommet1) n. the apex is the middle or sharpest point of a curve 2) v. to plan your line around a bend to touch the inside of the lane at the apex, starting and leaving the turn at the outside of the lane, to flatten out the required curve and increase allowable speeds.
arrière du pelotonArrière du Pelotonarrière du pelotonarrière du pelotonarrière du pelotonarrière du pelotonFrom French, literally the "rear of the peloton" (main group of riders). Also called the Feu Rouge (red tail light) or Lanterne rouge.
ATBATBATBATBATBVTTn. All-Terrain Bike or Biking. A synonym for MTB.
attackAttackeárás攻击angrebattaqueTo quickly accelerate while riding in a pack, or in smaller numbers, with a view to create a gap between yourself and other riders.[2]
augerSchneckeskrúfa螺旋钻snegltarièrev. to involuntarily take samples of the local geology, usually with one's face, during a crash. See face plant.
autobusAutobusfarartæki巴士autobusautobusA group of riders in a stage race (typically non-climbers and suffering domestiques) who ride together as a group on the mountain stages with the sole intention of finishing within the stage's time limit to allow them to start the next day. Also known by the Italian term gruppetto.[5]
baby headsBabyköpfebarnahausar婴儿头babyhovedertêtes de bébén. small boulders about the size of, yep, a baby's head.
backieBackiebakari后援backiebackieColloquial noun meaning to give a second person a ride on a bicycle (UK English), see pump.[6]
baconSpeckbeikon熏肉baconbaconMarks of road rash on a cyclist's body.[4]
baggerBaggerbaggari装袋机baggerensacheusen. a person that habitually bags out. Also known as a loser.
bagging a peakeinen Gipfel einsackensökkva hámarki装袋一个高峰sække en topprendre un picv. making it to the summit of a mountain.
bagging outauspackenað pakka út装袋sække udensachagev. canceling a ride for something other than a death in the family.
bailKautiontryggingu保释kautioncaution1) or bail out. v. to jump off in order to avoid an imminent crash. 2) v. to give up on a ride because of bad weather coming in. (from climbing)
barsRiegelbörum酒吧barerbarresn. on mountain bikes, a technologically backward straight pipe that was otherwise discarded as obsolete in the 19th century. For road bikes, a refined component which promotes aerodynamics, body geometry, muscle teamwork, stability, and comfort.
basecamp ridesBasecamp-Fahrtenbasecamp ferðir大本营游乐设施basecamp forlystelserbalades au camp de baseadj. setting up camp and using it as the start and finish of tours.
BBARBBARBBAR巴巴BBARBAARShort for British Best All-Rounder, a season-long time trial competition held in the UK.[7]
beadKornperla珠子perleperlen. the part of your tire that fits onto the rim, either wire (heavy and cheap) or Kevlar (light and expensive
beartrapBärenfallebjarnargaldur陷阱bjørnefældepiège à ours1) v. to slip off one pedal, causing the other pedal to slam one in the shin, when one gets kracked with a pedal. 2) n. the toothlike scars resulting from being beartrapped.
beatschlagensláslåbattre1) v. to ride with reckless disregard to one's equipment, well-being, and/or the ecology of the trail. 2) adj. a term used to describe something that is not good. e.g. "It's pretty beat that the yellow trail is closed."
beaterSchlägerþeytara打浆机piskerisbatteurn. a bike of such little value as to be able to beat on, or a bike that reaction after prolonged beating.
betaBetabeta测试版betabêtan. insider information about a ride. Running or auto beta is someone telling you how to do the moves as you go (as in "can you please shut up with that running beta, I want to find out myself").
beta flashBeta-Flashbeta flash测试版闪存beta flashflash bêtan. leading a ride through technical singletrack with no dabbing or dogging, but with a piece of previous knowledge hints on how to do those crux moves. Even seeing someone do the ride already classifies as "previous knowledge."
bettybettybetty贝蒂bettybetty1) n. any female rider.
beyond categoryjenseits der Kategorieutan flokks超越范畴ud over kategorihors catégorieSee hors catégorie.
bicycle shaped objectfahrradförmiges Objektreiðhjól lagaður hlutur自行车形状的物体cykelformet objektobjet en forme de véloAlso department store bicycle or abbreviated as BSO, a cheaply produced but poor quality bicycle commonly sold in flat packs at big-box stores, mainstream stores and anywhere else but local bike shops.[8][9][10]
bidonGebot abgebenbidon比东bidonparier surA water bottle.[11]
biffbiffbiff比夫biffcoup de poing1) n. a crash. Synonyms: wipeout. 1) v. "I biffed and then wiped away the blood."
bike throwFahrrad werfenhjólakast自行车投掷cykelkastlancer de véloA bike throw occurs in the final moments of a bike race, usually within the last few feet. A sprint is involved, and at the end of the sprint, the rider pushes his arms forward, stretches his back out, and attempts to move his bike as far forward as possible, getting to the finish line before his competitors.[12]
biopaceBiopacelífrými生物步速biopasbiopaceadj. a now-discredited Shimano innovation where the chainrings were made intentionally not circular -- instead, they were elliptical, in order to (allegedly) smooth the power delivery, by giving the rider an effectively lower gear for part of the spin cycle
blastsprengensprengja爆破sprængeexplosionv. to begin a big climb or ride, after reaching the foot of the long or daunting hill. "We're gonna blast after a snack at the bottom of the wall".
blockingBlockierunglokun阻塞blokeringblocageRiders of one team who set a relatively slow tempo at the front of a group to control the speed, often to the advantage of one of their teammates who may be in a break.[2]
blow upsprengenblása upp爆炸sprænge i luftenexploserA rider who has gone into oxygen debt and loses the ability to maintain pace is said to have blown up, variations include popping, exploding and detonating. This is a more temporary condition than cracking or hitting the wall.[13]
bogMoormýri沼泽mosetourbièreor bog out. v. to be riding in a circumstance where much pedaling force is required, such as through mud or up a steep hill, and to fail to generate the required torque, generally a result of over gearing, being a wimp, or picking your line incorrectly.
boingboingboing波音boingboingn. a suspension fork or stem; a dual-suspension bike is a boing-boing. "Mark's not going to feel much pain with his new boing-boing."
boing-boingBoing Boingboing-boing嘭嘭嘭boing-boingBoing Boingn. a bike with full (front and rear) suspension. Might possibly be considered offensive by certain owners of said bikes.
bombBombesprengju炸弹bombebombev. to ride with wild disregard to personal safety.
bonkBonkbonk邦克bonkbonkn., v. cycling's classic term for blowing up, hitting the wall, or otherwise expiring in mid ride. Can be caused by -- and is frequently blamed on -- insufficient water or calorie intake, but in truth is usually a result of insufficient training. "Had I eaten more linguini last night, I'm certain I wouldn't have bonked."
boostSchubuppörvun促进boostaugmenterv. to catch air off of a jump.
bootiesStiefelettenstígvél短靴støvlerchaussonsFabric shoe covers worn by cyclists to protect their feet from rain.[14]
bottom bracketTretlagerbotnfesting底托架bundbeslagpédalierThe bearing assembly which allows the crank to rotate relative to the frame. May or may not include the spindle which connects the two arms, depending on the standard to which it was designed.[2][13]
boulder gardenBouldergartengrjótgarður巨石花园kampesten havejardin de rochersn. section of road or trail that is covered with basketball sized or larger boulders.
braBHbrjóstahaldara胸罩bhsoutien-gorgen. the rubber strip placed inside the rim to protect the tube from the nipples.
brainGehirnheilahjernecerveaun. a biking computer, usually featuring an odometer, speedometer, clock, and other "important" display modes.
brain bucketGehirn Eimerheila fötu脑桶hjernespandseau de cerveauA bicycle helmet.[2][4]
brain sieveGehirnsiebheila sigti脑筛hjerne sigtetamis cérébraln. a helmet featuring more vents than protective surface.
brake padsBremsbelagsatzbremsuklossar刹车片bremseklodserles plaquettes de freinn. the rubber blocks that attach to your brake cantilever arms and make your bike stop or slow down. Read about brake pads.
brakesBremsenbremsur刹车bremserfreinsn. just for the record, is how you spell it. These are what are used to stop you on a bicycle unless you’re riding a fixed gear bicycle.
braze-onsAnlötenbraze-ons钎焊lodde-onbrasuresn. threaded attachments welded to the bike frame to accept the mounting of brake sets, water bottle cages, rear racks, etc.
breakbrechenbrot休息pausePauseor breakaway. n., v. a splitting of the field, where some riders race ahead, trying to avoid being reabsorbed by the larger and more aerodynamically efficient peloton.
breakawayausbrechenlosna undan摆脱udbryderSe détacherBreakaway, or break in short, is when a small group of riders or an individual have successfully opened a gap ahead of the peloton.[2]
breakaway specialistabtrünniger Spezialistbrotasérfræðingur突破专家udbryder specialistspécialiste de l'échappéeA breakaway specialist is a rider who is specialized in attacking the race from the start in order to show off his sponsor and to try his luck in winning the stage without having to fight with the whole peloton at the finish line.
brickBacksteinmúrsteinnmurstenbriqueA rider who is a slow climber but an efficient descender.[5]
bridgeBrückebrúbropontWhen a lone rider or smaller group of riders closes the space between them and the rider or group in front of them. This term often refers to when riders catch up with the main pack (or peloton) of riders or those who are leading the race.[13]
bring home a Christmas treeeinen Weihnachtsbaum nach Hause bringenkoma með jólatré heim带回家一棵圣诞树få et juletræ med hjemramener un sapin de Noël à la maisonv. to ride (or crash) through dense bushes, so leaves and branches are hanging from your bike and helmet. See prune.
broom wagonBesenwagenkústvagn扫帚车kostevognwagon balaiA support vehicle following a group of cyclists in a race, tour or recreational ride that may carry equipment, food, rider luggage, or mechanics. May also pick up riders unable to continue. Also called a SAG wagon.[13][15][16][17]
bullyBullyeinelti欺负Bølleintimidateurv. to ride up a steep hill without slowing (much) from the flatland cruising speed you approached the hill with.
bunchBündelfulltflokbouquetSynonym of peloton.[13]
bunch sprintMassensprinthópspretti冲刺flok sprintsprint groupéThe riders arrive near the finish in massive numbers to contest the victory and attempt to draft their sprinters in a good position to claim the victory. Speeds higher than 60 km/h are to be expected.[11]
bunnyHasekanína兔子kaninlapin1) n. same as betty, but used to emphasize the female rider's body; could be considered insulting to some. 2) n. female novice rider.
bunny hopHasenhüpferkanínuhopp兔子跳kanin hopsaut de lapinv. to lift both wheels off the ground by crouching down and then exploding upward, pulling the bike with you. Useful for clearing obstructions, such as curbs, potholes, logs. Differs from its older BMX & trials meaning -- see jump.
burritoBurritosburrito墨西哥卷饼burritoburriton. a rim braking surface that's bent inward towards the tube, forming a section that looks rolled like a burrito. n. great post ride food.
bustBüstebrjóstmynd半身像bustebousillerv. a term used the same as the verb "to do" only with more emphasis. e.g. "He busted a huge air over that jump."
buzzsummensuð嗡嗡声summenbourdonner1) n. euphoric feeling. Commonly used after a particularly hard passage is successfully completed. "I got such a buzz after that uphill grunt." 2) v. to touch wheels, or ride in very close formation from the rear.
cadenceKadenzkadence节奏kadencecadenceThe rate at which a cyclist pedals (in revolutions per minute).[2]
campycampycampy坎皮campycampeuradj., n. short for Campagnolo, the famed Italian road bike component manufacturer. They are generally artfully machined and elegantly engineered, and cost enough to feed a starving Sudanese village for a year. The Georgio Armani of bike parts, but you get what you pay for. Also the company that invented the derailleur, quick release and many other indispensable cycling innovations we take for granted.
cantileverAuslegercantilever悬臂cantilevercantileveradj. most common type of brake found on mountain bikes today. Named for the two cantilever arms that pivot on the forks (front) or seat stays (rear).
captain crashKapitän stürzt abskipstjóri hrun船长坠毁kaptajnstyrtcrash du capitainev. to "go down with the ship". Usually the result of a novice spud-user failing to clip out in time.
caravaneKarawanehjólhýsi商队campingvogncaravaneThe team cars following behind the peloton in support of their racers. Also designates the publicity cars that precede.[11]
carveschnitzenrista雕刻skæretaillerv. (from skiing) to ride with great speed around the corners of a twisting fire road.
cashedeingelöststaðgreitt兑现indbetaltencaisséadj. to be too tired to ride any farther; bonked.
cassetteKassettesnælda盒式磁带kassettecassetteThe rear cog cluster on a derailleur bicycle, that fits on a freehub. It consists only of cogs, with no ratcheting mechanism, as the ratcheting mechanism is in the freehub.[13]
CENCENCENCENCENn. European adult and child bike helmet standard.
centuryJahrhundertöld世纪århundredesièclen. a 100 mile bike ride, or a metric century which is 100 km. Takes about four and a half or three hours, respectively, on a road bike, if you're in reasonable shape. (The ability to do a metric century in 2.5 to 3 hours is why people get road bikes.)
ceramicKeramikkeramik陶瓷制品keramiskcéramiqueadj. rims with ceramic braking surfaces, to increase stopping power and to reduce the mess that high-powered brake shoe compounds make of aluminum.
chain gangKettenbandekeðjugengi链帮kæde bandegang de la chaîneA group of cyclists cycling in a close knit formation akin to a road race, normally for the purposes of training.[5]
chain slapKettenschlagkeðjusmellur链巴掌kædeklapclaquement de chaîneAnnoying slapping of the bike's chain against the chainstays while riding over rough terrain.[18]
chain suckKette saugenkeðjusog链吸kæde sutterchaîne sucerThe tendency of a chain to stick to chain rings and be sucked up into the bike instead of coming off the chainring. Primarily caused by worn chainrings and rust on small chain rings, under high loads, and in dirty conditions.[2]
chainringKettenblattkeðjuhringur链轮kædekransplateaun. a gear at the front, attached to the cranks.
chainring tattooKettenblatt-Tätowierunghúðflúr með keðjuhring链环纹身kædering tatoveringtatouage de plateaun. the dotted-line scar you get from gouging your shin on the chainring. See rookie mark.
chainring(s)Kettenblatt(er)keðjuhringur链轮kædering(e)plateau(x)The front part of the drivetrain where the chain engages. May be composed of one to three gears.[2]
chainstayKettenstrebekeðjustag后下叉kædestagbaseOne of the two frame tubes that run horizontally from the bottom bracket shell back to the rear dropouts.[2]
chaseVerfolgungsjagdelta追赶jagechasserA group of one or more riders who are ahead of the peloton trying to join the race or stage leader(s). There may be none, one, or many chases at any given point in a race.[2]
cheese graterKäsereiberifjárn奶酪刨丝器ostehøvlrâpe à fromagev. to grind off your skin against gravel, ashfault, bike parts, or the like.
chicaneSchikanechicane弯道chikanechicaneA sequence of tight turns, often s-shaped, usually most important near the finish of a road-race or during a criterium.
chunderchunterchunder杂碎chunderchunderv. to crash.
chuteRutscherenna溜槽faldskærmchuten. a very steep gully. The word chute is french for fall and refers to the rockfall that is very common in a chute.
circle of deathKreis des Todeshring dauðans死循环dødskredscercle de la mortThe stage of the 1910 Tour de France in the Pyrenees that included the cols: Peyresourde, Aspin, Tourmalet and Aubisque, was named the "Circle of Death". Now the hardest mountain stage in the Tour takes on this name.[19]
classicklassischklassískt经典的klassiskclassiqueA one-day race of great prestige. Some classics date back to the 19th century.[1][11]
cleansauberhreint干净的renfaire le ménagev. to negotiate a trail successfully without crashing. "I cleaned that last section."
cleanieSaubermannhreingerningur清洁工cleanienettoyage1) n. one who desires to remain clean 2) n. a wimp who will not have fun, stays on the clean trails.
cleatKlampeklofinn夹板klampetaquetn. a cleat attaches to the bottom of a cycling shoe. Older style cleats have a slot that fits over the back of the pedal, and in conjunction with toe clips and straps, hold your foot on the pedal. Now clipless pedals have a specially designed cleat that locks into the pedal, sometimes with some ability to rotate side-to-side so as not to stress knees.
climberBergsteigerfjallgöngumaður登山者klatrergrimpeurA rider who specializes in riding uphill quickly, usually due to having a high power-to-weight ratio.
clincherKlammerclincher敲门砖clincherargument décisifA type of tire that uses a bead around the edge of the tire to attach to the rim of the wheel when inflated. The inner tube is separate.[2]
clincher tiresDrahtreifenclincher dekk开口胎clincher dækpneus à tringlen. tires which use a separate tire and tube, the latter replaced after a puncture. Contrast with tubular tires.
clip outausclipsenklippa út剪掉klip uddécouperor click out. v. to disengage one's spuds.
cliplessklipplosklemmulaus无夹式uden klipautomatiqueadj. misleading name for a pedal-and-shoe system where the clips or cleats clip onto the soles of special shoes. Called "clipless" because you can't see the clips when you're clipped in. Contrast with toe clips.
cloonKlonklón克隆klonclonern. slamming into the ground, resulting in a ringing head, or a delay in the action. Term used in biking, skiing, and snow boarding.
closed circuitGeschlossener Stromkreislokað hringrás闭路lukket kredsløbcircuit fermén. A racecourse that is completely closed to traffic. Closed circuits are most often used in criteriums or road races that use a relatively short lap (2-5 miles).
closing the doorSchließen der Türað loka hurðinni关上门at lukke dørenfermer la porteA strategic move during a sprint where the leader is less than a bike length ahead of a stronger sprinter and said stronger sprinter is between the leader and the course wall. Leader angles towards the wall narrowing the lane thus making it impossible for the stronger sprinter to get past the leader.
clusterClusterþyrpingklyngegroupen. an assembly of gears. Usually described by their configuration: "My rear cluster is a 12-25." Also known as a cassette.
cockrotterHahnreicockrotter骗子cockrottercoqn. one who allows his bike to fall in disrepair, and whose bike invariably fails him at some point in every ride. These people don't know why their bike always breaks, and often would rather buy new parts than keep their bike in good condition.
cogZahntannhjól齿轮tandhjuldentn. a single gear, usually at the rear as part of a freewheel or cassette. Also rear cog or front cog.
colKolcol山口colcoln. the lowest point between two mountains. Also called a pass.
commissaireKommissarkommissari专员kommissærcommissaireA race judge, in road-racing they are usually based in a car following the event.[1]
componentsKomponenteníhlutir组件komponenterComposantsn. the moving parts of a bike that are attached to the frame.
condomKondomsmokkur避孕套kondompréservatifn. the little plastic or rubber thing that protects your tube's valve stem from rim damage.
corndogCorndogkornhundur玉米狗Corn dogcorndogv. to become covered in silt, usually after a fall.
counterattackGegenangriffMótárás反击modangrebcontre-attaqueAn attack that is made when a break has been caught by chasers or the peloton.[20]
Coup de ChacalStaatsstreich von ChacalCoup de Chacal政变Chacal-kupCoup de ChacalLiterally "Jackal Trick",[21] also known as "Cancellara's Trick". Surprise attack in the two last kilometers to detach from the peloton and, finally, win the race.
CPSCCPSCCPSC美国消费品安全委员会CPSCCCSPn. a bicycle helmet standard set by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. All bicycle helmets made in the US have to meet this standard.
crackRisssprunga裂缝sprækkefissureWhen a cyclist runs out of strength or energy, they are said to have cracked. Compare with hit the wall.[22]
cranial disharmonykraniale Disharmonieósamræmi í höfuðkúpu颅骨不协调kraniel disharmonidysharmonie crânienneadv. how one's head feels after augering. "When my lid nailed that rock, I had a definite feeling of cranial disharmony."
crankKurbelsveif曲柄håndsvingmanivelle1) v. to mash on the pedals as hard as you can, and then some. As in, "I cranked so hard on getting out of that little valley, but my tire spun out and I had to walk it." 2) v. to hammer or sprint.
crank armKurbelarmsveifararmur曲柄臂krankarmmanivelleA crank. One of the two arms of a crankset. Each arm connects a pedal to the bottom bracket.
crank armKurbelarmsveifararmur曲柄臂krankarmmanivellen. the metal arms to which the pedals attach .
crank pipeKurbelrohrsveif rör曲柄管krumtaprørmanivelleterm used to describe the small pipe shaped adaptor necessary to inflate the tires on a disk wheel as there is no room for a pump head
cranksetKurbelgarnitursveifarsett曲柄组kranksætpédalierThe bicycle drivetrain assembly that converts the rider's reciprocating pedaling action to rotating motion. It consists of two cranks (or arms), one or more chainwheels(or chainrings), plus the stack bolts that connect them. Sometimes the bottom bracket is included.[23]
craterKratergígur陨石坑kratercratère1) v. to fail to remain on the trail on the side of the 50 foot dropoff. Usually painful, as in "One of those death cookies joggled my wheel and I almost cratered on that section that looks down on the river." 2) v. to bonk.
crayonWachsmalstiftliti蜡笔farvekridtcrayonv. a mostly road-specific verb that refers to the leaving of skin and viscera on the asphalt after a crash. "I'm not sure Lisa's going to make it tonight. We locked wheels this morning and she crayoned all over the place."
creamedeingecremtrjómalöguð奶油的cremeten crèmeadv. as in, "stick close to the shoulder on the blind corner coming up. I almost got creamed by a transport there last week."
criteriumKriteriumviðmiðun标准kriteriumcritériumA race on a closed short distance course with multiple laps. Often but not always a 4-cornered course; often includes primes (sho
dabtupfendab轻拍dabtouchev. to put a foot down in order to catch your balance on a difficult section of trail. "I made it without crashing, but I had to dab once."
dancetanzendansa舞蹈dansDansev. to ride out of the saddle.
danseuseTänzerindanseuse舞蹈danseusedanseuse(French: danser - to dance) - riding out of the saddle, standing up, usually in a taller gear than normal, and rocking side to side for leverage. The phrase dancing on the pedals is related.[5]
death cookiesTodesplätzchendauðakökur死亡饼干død cookiesbiscuits de la mortn. fist-sized rocks that knock your bike in every direction but the one you want to proceed in.
death gripTodesgriffdauðagrip死亡之握dødsgrebpoignée de mortn. an overly tight grip on the handlebars caused by fear of terrain, resulting in an endo or other unfortunate mishap.
death marchTodesmarschdauðagöngu死亡行军dødsmarchmarche de la mortn. a ride that turns into an investigation of your endurance limit. "The bridge was out, and I had to go all the way back the way I came. So the morning's nice, easy ride turned into a Bataan death march."
derailleurUmwerferafgreiðsla拨链器skifterdérailleurA device used to change gears, activated by shifters.[11]
descenderUnterlängeafkomandi下降器nedstigerdescendeurA cyclist who excels at fast descents, often using them to break away from a group, or bridge a gap.[24]:66
DFLDFLDFL东风DFLLDFn. abbreviation for, uh, Dead... Last.
dialed ineingewählthringt inn拨入ringet indcomposéadj. when a bike is set up nicely and everything works just right. Get your bike dialed at your LBS.
dieselDiesel-dísel柴油机dieseldieselA rider who has an even energy output, without any bursts of speed, is said to be a diesel or diesel engine.[5]
diggerBaggergröfumaður挖掘机graverexcavateurn. a face plant. "Look at that guy on that gnarly single track... he's going to go over the bars and do a digger."
directeur sportifsportlicher Leiterleikstjóri sportif体育总监sportsdirektørdirecteur sportifTeam manager.[11]
dirt bikedreckiges Fahrradóhreinindahjól越野车jordcykelmoto crossn. an off-road motorcycle. Regarded as only for those too feeble to do the work themselves. Usually louder than MTBs.
dishing a wheelein Rad schälenað diska hjól盘子diske et hjulfaire une rouen. refers to the need to build a rear wheel off center of the hub body, to accommodate the freewheel on one side -- the wider the freewheel, the more the wheel needs to be dished.
dolphin hopDelfin hüpfenhöfrungahopp海豚跳delfinhopsaut de dauphinn. a technique much like a bunny hop, but executed differently. The rider pulls a wheelie, then moves far forward to pitches his bike down, transferring the wheelie to the rear as an obstacle passes underneath. This is the only type of hop possible for a rider using platform pedals.
domestiquedomestiqueinnanlands国内的domestiquedomestiqueA rider whose job it is to support and work for other riders in their team (literally "servant" in French). Today the term has lost its bad connotation and serves as an acknowledgement of the true nature of racing tactics. See also water carrier.[15]
door prizeTür Preishurðarverðlaun门奖dør prisprix d'entréeA term used when a rider collides with the open door of a parked car while cycling.[25]
double-buttedzweischneidigtvíhnepptur双抽dobbeltrumpetà double renfortn. tubing with a higher wall thickness at both ends, to reduce the weight of the tubing for a given weight. See single-butted, triple-butted.
doubletrackDoppelspurtvöfalt lag双轨dobbeltspordouble voien. overgrown road that is like two parallel trails.
down tubeUnterrohrniður rör下管nedrørtube diagonaln. the part of the frame that connects the head tube and the bottom bracket.
downhillbergabniður á við下坡ned ad bakkeune descente
downstrokeAbwärtsschlagniðurslag下冲程nedslagcoup basn. when the rider is pushing down on the pedal.
draftLuftzugdrög草案udkastébauche1) v. to ride behind a windshield, such as another rider or a motor vehicle. "When I was drafting you down that huge-ass hill, you were pedaling madly while I barely had to turn the cranks!" 2) n. the area sheltered behind a moving object. "You know, it's kinda hard to stay in your draft at high speed if you don't ride in a straight line."
draftingAbfassungdrög起草udarbejdelserédactionTo ride closely behind another rider to make maximum use of their slipstream, reducing wind resistance and effort required to ride at the same speed.[13]
drilliumBohriumdrillium钻头drilliumdrilliumn. any part with lots of holes drilled in it to make it lighter.
droptropfendropi降低dråbelaissez tomberTo be dropped is to be left behind a breakaway or the peloton for whatever reason (usually because the rider cannot sustain the tempo required to stay with the group). To drop someone is to accelerate strongly with the intent of causing following riders to no longer gain the benefit of drafting.[20]:238
drop-offAbwurfskutla放下sætte afdéposerA steep section of a mountain bike trail.[26]
dropoutaussteigenbrottfall辍学droppe udabandonnerThe slot, of various sizes and orientations, in the frame that the axles of the wheels attach to.[2]
dropoutsAussetzerbrottfall辍学frafalddécrocheursn. the U-shaped slots that accept the wheel axle.
dropsTropfendropardråbergouttesn. the dropped section on dropped handlebars. Used when muscle geometry and an aero tuck are important, such as when ascending, descending, or going fast.
dual-trackzweigleisigtvílaga双轨dobbeltsporetdouble voien. a dirt road used by four-wheeled vehicles rarely enough that their tires have made ruts that became parallel singletracks. Also called doubletrack. See singletrack.
echelonEchelonflokki梯队echelonéchelon(French) a line of riders seeking maximum drafting in a crosswind, resulting in a diagonal line across the road.[2][13]
echlonechlonechlon梯队echlonéchelonn. a diagonal paceline, which modifies the single-file formation for a crosswind.
endoEndoendo远藤endoendoAn Endo (short for end-over-end), is when the back wheel of the bike is lifted off the ground and the bike goes up onto its front wheel only. It can also be used to designate a crash that is similar to an unintended front flip.[2]
endoEndoendo远藤endoendon. the maneuver of flying unexpectedly over the handlebars, thus being forcibly ejected from the bike. Short for "end over end". "I hit that rock and went endo like nobody's business." See "superman". In BMX riding, "endo" used to be a synonym for front wheelie.
engineMotorvél引擎motormoteurn. the rider.
enscarfmentEinschalunghlerun围困indskæringécharpen. a food break at the edge of a cliff.
espoirEspoirespoirespoirespoirespoir(French: hope) Age class for riders 19 to 22.[27] Also called U23.[28]
étapeétapeétaband胶带étapeétapeA stage of a stage race.[11]
Excedrin descentExcedrin-AbstiegExcedrin niðurkoma埃克塞德林血统Excedrin nedstigningDescendance d'Excedrinn. bone jarring downhill that rattles your brain (providing you have one).
extremeextremöfgafullt极端ekstremextrêmeadj. the single adjective that defines a worthwhile sport.
face plantGesicht Pflanzeandlit planta面对植物ansigt plantevisage planten. hitting the ground face first. "Joe hit a tree root and did a spectacular face plant." Synonyms: auger, digger, soil sample, spring planting.
fair gruntfaires Grunzensanngjarnt nöldur公平的咕噜声fair gryntjuste grognementn. an expression exclusively used nonchalantly by others to describe a death march, in hopes others will try it, fail, and revere them as bike gods.
false flatfalsche Wohnungfölsk flat假平falsk fladfaux platA low-gradient climb, usually occurring partway up a steeper climb. So-called because while it may look deceptively flat and easy (especially after the steep climb preceding it), it is still a climb.[29]
fast finisherschneller Finisherfljótur klárar快速终结者hurtig finisherfinisseur rapideA rider who has superior sprinting speed over the last few hundred meters of a race.[30]
feed zoneFutterzonefóðursvæði进料区foderzonezone d'alimentationIn road bicycle racing, a location along the course of a long race where team personnel hand musettes containing food and beverages to passing riders. In mountain bicycle racing, a limited section of the course in which riders may accept food from non-racing assistants. Sometimes this is combined with the technical assistance zone if one exists.[13]
feeling nedlywohlfühlentilfinning niðurly感到难受følelse nedlyse sentir bienv., adj. when older riders are having a particular strong outing.
fieldFeldsviði场地MarkdomaineA group of riders, also known as a peloton.[2]
fieldFeldsviði场地Markdomainen. the clump of riders near or at the front in a road race. "We made a break on that big ascent, and at one point the rest of the field was over a minute behind."
fieldsprintFelderdruckfieldsprint领域打印fieldsprintchampsimprimern. a sprint for the finish line involving a large group of riders. This is an impressive sight indeed.
filet brazingFiletlötenflök lóðun菲力钎焊filetlodningbrasage de filetn. the magical art of brazing high-end metal bikes. It’s commonly mistaken for welding, but in actuality the tubes are not melted, rather bronze or other similar alloy are melted to “glue” the tubes together. The tubes fit together with almost invisible seams, as opposed to the monstrous, caterpillar-like welds on most mountain bikes.
first blooderstes Blutfyrsta blóð第一滴血første blodpremier sangn. credit to the first rider in a group who crashes and starts bleeding as a result.
fishtailFischschwanzfiskhala鱼尾fiskehalequeue de poissonv. when the rear end locks and slides about behind you. Occurs during strong braking on loose terrain.
fit kitFit-Kitpassa sett适合套件fit kittrousse d'ajustementn. a set of equipment and instructions to measure a person’s body to suggest a bicycle fit. This is early bicycle fit technology that made the assumption a “formula” could determine how every person should be positioned aboard a bicycle. Newer technology has eclipsed this as we now understand fit is individual and personal, so no “formula” exists for the perfect bike fit.
fixedFestlagað固定的fastfixéSlang for a fixed-gear bicycle.[31]
fixiefixiefixie固定fixiefixieSlang for a fixed-gear bicycle.[32]
flailDreschflegelflak连枷slaglefléauv. to ride badly and out of control. e.g. "He flailed off the jump and hit a tree."
flamme rougeFlamme Rougeflamme rouge胭脂红flamme rougeflamme rougeA red flag displayed with one kilometer remaining from the finish line of a race. Usually suspended over the road.[11]
flashBlitzblikka闪光blitzéclatv. clearing a technical pitch without dabbing, especially if the rider has no previous experience on the route (See also onsight flash, where the rider has never seen the trail before, and beta flash, where the rider has seen or studied the route.)
flexbiegenbeygja sig柔性bøjefléchirn. when the frame doesn't stay put when you mash the brakes, mash the pedals, or do other normal things.
flickschnippenfletta轻弹svirpfeuilleterv. to whip your bike through sweet singletrack.
follow a wheeleinem Rad folgenfylgja hjóli跟随一个轮子følge et hjulsuivre une roueThe ability to follow a wheel is the ability to match the pace of riders who are setting the tempo. Following is easier than pulling or setting the tempo and the term can be used in a derogatory manner, e.g. "He only ever followed".[11]
foot faultFuß schuldfótabilun脚错fodfejlfaute de piedn. when a rider can't disengage his cleats from the pedals before falling over. See horizontal track stand.
forcing the pacedas Tempo forcierenþvinga hraðann强迫节奏fremtvinge tempoetforcer le rythmev. to increase the speed of the race to the point that other riders have trouble keeping up.
forkGabelgaffalgaffelfourchettePart of the frameset that holds the front wheel. Can be equipped with a suspension on mountain bikes.[11] or a modern eating utensil, unfamiliar to most mountain bikers.
frame tableRahmentischramma borð框架表ramme bordtableau de cadren. a big strong table that Will Not Flex and which has anchors at critical places -- dropouts, bottom bracket, seat, head. It also has places to attach accurate measuring instruments like dial gauges, scratch needles, etc. The frame is clamped to the table and out-of-line parts are yielded into alignment.
framesetRahmensetrammasett框架集rammesætjeu de cadresThe bicycle frame plus the front fork.[33]
fredFredfriður弗雷德fredFred1) n. a person who spends a lot of money on his bike and clothing, but still can't ride. "What a fred -- too much Lycra and titanium and not enough skill." Synonym for poser. 2) n. a person who has a mishmash of old gear, doesn’t care at all about technology or fashion, didn't race or follow racing, etc. Often identified by chainring marks on white calf socks. Used by "serious" roadies to disparage utility cyclists and touring riders, especially after these totally unfashionable "freds" drop the "serious" roadies on hills because the "serious" guys were really posers. This term is from road touring and, according to popular myth, "Fred" was a well-known grumpy old touring rider, who really was named Fred.
free rideFreifahrtókeypis ferð免费乘车gratis turtrajet gratuit
freewheelFreilauffrjálshjól飞轮frihjulroue libren. the part of the rear gear cluster that allows the bike to coast without the pedals turning, or what you find in the parking lot after a big race.
front wheelieVorderradframhjól前轮forhjulcabré avantn. what endo used to mean in BMX: a trick where the rider applies the front brake and lifts the back wheel off the ground; this is the basis for many BMX tricks. Most riders cannot pedal effectively while doing a front wheelie.
Full On Conditions (FOC)Vollständige Bedingungen (FOC)Fullt á skilyrðum (FOC)完全开启条件 (FOC)Full On Conditions (FOC)Conditions complètes (FOC)adj. biking with the chance of running into severe foul weather conditions.
G.C.GCG.C.GC。G.C.G. C.Abbr.: general classification. the timing splits used to determine who is winning in a stage race. calculated from the first rider over the line each day time is then measured back by gaps from the winner of the day. Time gaps are then calculated back between riders and added to the overall position of riders relative to each other. Riders can attack in stage races for time rather than winning the days stage. They are said to be "riding for G.C.". In such circumstances alliances can form where some riders in a breakaway will work to help others win the days stage despite not contesting the finish as the overall gap the breakaway gains helps them "on G.C."[13][15]
gapLückebil差距hulécartA distance between two or more riders large enough for drafting to no longer be effective. Also used as verb (US English), for example: "Contador has gapped Armstrong!". It's much easier for a stronger rider to pull ahead of others once a gap has been achieved; without a gap, the others can draft along using significantly less power to sustain the same speed as the rider in front. While gaps are usually achieved through attacks, on mountain climbs, where slower speeds means the advantage of drafting is much less significant, riders are often gapped who simply cannot maintain the tempo of the faster riders. A gap can also refer to the space in between a jump and the landing, which is common in mountain biking.[15]
gear clusterZahnrad-Clustergírklasa齿轮组gear klyngegroupe d'engrenagesn. an assembly of gears. Usually described by their configuration: "My rear cluster is a 12-25." Also known as a cassette.
getting airLuft bekommenað fá loft得到空气får luftprendre l'airv. uh... the exchange of currency for cylinders containing a mixture of compressed nitrogen, oygen, and other trace gasses.
gibletsInnereieninnmatur内脏indmadabatsn. sexy little add-ons or upgrades, usually made of titanium or CNC'd aluminum. "That's the fourth time this week that Tom's gone by the shop to gawk at giblets." (See also velo-porn.)
gnarlyknorrignöturlegur粗糙knudretnoueuxadj. an 80's term for a particular steep and rough section of trail.
gnarly dudeknorriger Typgeggjaður náungi粗糙的家伙knudret fyrmec noueuxadj. Southern Californian for Gnarly.
gonzogonzogonzo奇闻趣事gonzogonzo1) adj. treacherous, extreme. "That vertical drop was sheer gonzo." 2) v. riding with reckless abandon. Not generally appropriate for singletrack.
granny gearOma-Ausrüstungömmubúnað奶奶装备bedstemor gearéquipement de grand-mèreTwo meanings related to each other: The lowest gear ratio on a multi-speed derailleur bicycle; smallest chainring in front and the largest at the back. The smallest chainring on a crank with triple chainrings.[5][34]
grateGitterrist炉排ristgrillev. the act of producing bacon or little flaps of severed skin, against either the ground or a bike component. See also crayon and cheese grater).
gravity checkSchwerkraft prüfenþyngdaraflsskoðun重力检查gravitationskontrolvérification de la gravitén. a fall.
grindiesGrinsengrindies研磨机grindiesgrincheuxn. as in, "all that dried mud and sand left me with a loud case of the grindies in my drivetrain."
grippedgegriffengreip抓住grebetagrippéadj. paralyzed with fear and utterly confused.
groupGruppehóp团体gruppegrouperA groupset, or gruppo (from the Italian for "group", often misspelled grouppo) A set of parts usually from a single manufacturer, usually consisting of, at least, bottom bracket, brakes, derailleurs, hubs and shifters, and may also include headset, pedals, and seatpost. A kit is a group, plus everything else a frameset needs to make a complete bicycle.[35]
gruntgrunzennöldur咕哝gryntegrognementn. a very difficult climb, requiring use of the granny gear. Often used in understatement, as in "Well, I suppose it's a fair grunt, but we used to ride it all the time."
gruppettogruppettohóptto格鲁佩托gruppettogroupesee autobus.[5]
gutter bunnyGosse Haseþakrennukanína阴沟兔tagrende kaninlapin de gouttièren. a bicycling commuter.
gutteredrinnenþakrennu阴沟里的tagrendegouttièreIn an echelon, where the size of a draft is limited by the width of the road, to be left with no good position to join the group and be sheltered from the crosswind.[36]
half-trackHalbe Streckehálft lag半轨halvsporÀ mi-parcoursn. a trail so narrow and/or overgrown that you'd hesitate even to call it singletrack.
half-wheel or half-wheelerHalbrad oder Halbradhálfhjóli eða hálfhjóli半轮或半轮车halvhjulet eller halvhjuletdemi-roue ou demi-roueA rider that rides half a wheel in front of another on training rides and group rides. No matter how much the pursuer speeds up to keep up with him/her, s/he stays that distance ahead. Usually these people are frowned upon and less desirable to ride with.[37]
hammerHammerhamar锤子Hammermarteau1) v. to ride fast and hard. Also to "put the hammer down." 2) n. a hammerhead.
hammeredgehämmerthamrað锤打hamretmarteléadj. exhausted.
hammerheadHammerkopfhamarhaus锤头hammerhovedtête de marteaun. a rider who hammers, or simply can ride faster than the one commenting.
hand plantHandpflanzehandplöntu手植物håndplantemain planten. a crash where your fall is broken only by cheese grating your hands. Best if done wearing bicycle gloves.
handicapBehinderungforgjöf障碍handikaphandicapA style of road racing in Australasia where riders are given different start times, calculated based on their previous performance, so that slower riders have a chance of winning.[39]
hanging onhängenhangandi á挂在hænger påaccrochév. riding in the slipstream of another rider, but being lazy and refusing to take your turn in at the front.
hardcoreHardcoreharðkjarna铁杆hardcorehardcore1) excl. word of praise and amazement, generally spoken as two separate syllables. 2) adj. impressive or requiring devotion, such as an extreme cliffbombing session.
hardtailHardtailhardtail硬尾hardtailsemi-rigiden. any bike with front suspension but no rear suspension. Contrast with rigid and F/S.
head tubeSteuerrohrhöfuðrör头管hovedrørtube de directionn. the short frame member that attaches the top tube to the down tube, and holds the headset in place. Normally the fork steer-tube is inside the head tube and pivots in the headset.
headerHeaderhaus标题headerentêten. going over the handlebars.
headsetHeadsetheyrnartól耳机headsetcasquen. the bearing assembly that attaches the fork to the head tube.
hill climb (race)Bergrennen (Rennen)hæðaklifur (kapphlaup)爬山(比赛)bakkestigning (løb)course de côte (course)A short distance uphill race, usually an individual time trial over approx. 3–5 km. See Hillclimbing (cycling).
Hit the wallSchlag die WandSkelltu þér á vegginn撞墙Ram væggenFrapper le murTo completely run out of energy on a long ride, also known as "bonking".[5]
honkhupentuða鸣喇叭tudeklaxonner1) v. to vomit due to cycling exertion. 2) v. to grab hard on the bar ends while climbing to increase torque and traction on the rear wheel.
honkinghupenhonandi鸣喇叭dytterklaxonner(UK English), see danseuse.[2][5]
hookHakenkrókurkrogcrochetv. to lock handlebars or wheels, and go down in a bloody pile of metal and muscle.
hooksHakenkrókar挂钩krogecrochetsn. the dropped section on dropped handlebars. Used when muscle geometry and an aero tuck are important, such as when ascending, descending, sprinting or just going fast.
horizontal track standhorizontaler Schienenständerlárétt brautarstand水平轨道架vandret skinnestandsupport de rail horizontaln. a foot fault that happens at a stop sign.
hors catégorie, or HChors catégorie oder HChors catégorie, eða HC开胃菜,或 HChors catégorie eller HChors catégorie, ou HCThe French term primarily used in cycle races (most notably, the Tour de France) to designate a climb that is "beyond categorization", an incredibly tough climb. Most climbs are designated from Category 1 (hardest) to Category 4 (easiest), based on both steepness and length. A climb that is harder than Category 1 is designated as hors catégorie.[11]
hors délai (HD)Hors délai (HD)hors délai (HD)开胃菜 (HD)hors délai (HD)hors delai (HD)French for "out of time", when a rider has finished outside the time limit in a race and is eliminated.[40]
hose-pipesSchläucheslöngur软管slange-rørtuyaux d'arrosagen. large-section tubular tires, about the size and weight of clincher touring tires. Much heavier than racing tubulars, which can be two or three times lighter, at as little at 150 grams.
hubHubmiðstöð中心hubcentren. located at the center of the wheel attached to the rim by the spokes.
huckerHuckerhúrra哈克huckerescrocn. one who is ejected wildly through the air and does not land on his/her feet
hunger knockHunger klopfenhungurslag饥饿敲门sulten bankecoup de faimAlso shortened to "the knock". See hit the wall.[5]
hybridhybridblendingur杂交种hybridhybrideA bicycle that is a compromise between a road bike and a mountain bike. Often chosen by cyclists for its comfort.[13]
hydraulichydraulischvökva液压hydrauliskhydrauliquen. a flavor of brakes which use brake fluid to actuate the pads, which offer better modulation even than most high-end side-pull calipers.
hyperglideHypergleitenofursvif超滑翔hyperglidehyperglissen. freewheel cogs with small "ramps" cut into the sides of the cogs which tend to pull the chain more quickly to the next larger cog when shifting.
idiot leverIdiot Hebelfávita lyftistöng白痴杠杆idiot håndtaglevier idiotn. the gimmicky brake assist lever found on some older road bikes, which allow the rider to brake with his hands on top of the bars, rather than on the brake hoods or on the drops. Ignorant consumers buy bikes with them, although they're no more convenient than braking from the hoods, and for powerful braking the stability, steering, and weight distribution from using the drops is essential.
IMBAIMBAIMBA工商管理硕士IMBAIMBAn. International Mountain Biking Association. An organization for trail advocacy.
impedimentiaBehinderunghindrun障碍hindringimpédancen. all the junk on a bike that impedes performance and looks bad.
individual time trialEinzelzeitfahreneinstaklingstímatöku个人计时赛individuel tidskørselcontre-la-montre individuelRace where riders set off at fixed intervals and complete the course against the clock.[20]:19
intermediate sprintZwischenspurtmillisprettur中间冲刺mellemspurtsprint intermédiaireTo keep a race or a tour active there may be points along the course where the riders will sprint for time bonuses or other prizes.[20]:52 Also known as the "Traguardo Volante" (TV) in Italian
involuntary dismountunfreiwilliges Absteigenósjálfrátt stíga niður非自愿下马ufrivillig afstigningdescente involontairen. a crash.
isolésisoliertisolés孤立的isolésisolésA class of independent rider in the Tour de France. Also called a Touriste-Routier or Individuel.[41][42]
jetJetþotu喷射Jetjetv. to accelerate quickly; to go very fast.
JRAJRAJRAJRAJRAJRAn. abbreviation for the Just Riding Along syndrome (and then the bike spontaneously exploded), a class of warranty claims viewed as highly suspect.
jumpspringenhoppahoppesauterTo aggressively increase speed without warning, hopefully creating a substantial advantage over your opponents. Also (more usually) denoting an attempt to bridge a gap from the peloton or gruppetto to a breakaway. For example: "he is trying to jump across".
jumpspringenhoppahoppesautern., v. where we now say bunny hop, BMXers used to say "jump".
kackKackkák卡克kackkackn. an injury to the shin received while doing trials, a kack can be the result of any injury receive during technical riding.
keirinkeirinkeirin凯林keirinkeirinThe keirin is a 2000 meter track event where the riders start the race in a group behind a motorised derny. The derny paces the riders for 1400 meters and then pulls off the track, at which time the cyclists begin a sprint to the finish line. Keirin racing has traditionally been practised in Japan, where it has been a professional sport for over 20 years, and in which pari-mutuel betting on the riders is permitted.
kicktretesparkasparkedonner un coupAccelerating quickly with a few pedal strokes in an effort to break away from other riders (e.g. "Contador kicks again to try to rid himself of Rasmussen")[43]
kick-outKick-outsparka út踢出spark udexpulsern. a bunny hop in which the rider pushes the back tire to one side.
kickerKickersparkari踢球者kickerbotteurn. a steep section of road or trail.
King of the MountainsKönig der BergeKonungur fjallanna山中之王Konge af bjergeneRoi des montagnesThe title given to the best climber in a cycling road race. Also known as Gran Premio della Montagna (GPM) in Italian cycling.
kitBausatzsetti成套工具sættrousseA group, plus everything else a frameset needs to make a complete bicycle.[35] in road cycling terminology a complete cycling outfit - bibs, jersey, socks, gloves etc
kiteDrachenflugdreka风筝glentecerf-volantIs said of a rider who climbs very well but is a poor descender.[5]
knockklopfenbankabankefrappeReferred to as "the knock". Short for "hunger knock". See hit the wall.[5]
knurledgerändelthnýtt滚花rifletmoletéadj. a pattern stamped onto the sides of some steel rims to improve the braking surface.
lachélachélaché拉切lachélachéFrench for "released", see drop.
Lanterne rougeLaterne RougeRauður lanterne红灯笼Lanterne rougeLanterne rougeFrench for "red lantern", as found at the end of a railway train, and the name given to the rider placed last in a race.[5][11]
largegroßstór大的storgranden. synonym for high. e.g. "You can get some seriously large air off that jump."
laughing grouplachende Gruppehláturhópur笑群lattergruppegroupe de rireSame as autobus. Riders who collect together in a road race just concerned with making it to the finish "in the time" so as not to be disqualified or "swept up". Members of the laughing group are not concerned with contesting the finish.
LBSLBSLBS伦敦商学院LBSKGn. abbreviation for "Local Bike Shop".
lead outhinausbegleitenleiða út引出føre udemmenerSprinting technique often used by the lead out man where the rider will accelerate to maximum speed close to the sprint point with a teammate, the sprinter, draftingbehind, hoping to create space between the sprinter and the pack. When the lead out man is exhausted he will move to the side to allow his teammate to race in the sprint. Often a line of lead out men will be used to form a lead out train to drive the speed higher and higher (and to reduce the chances of other riders attacking) over the closing stages of a race. The purpose of a lead out is for the sprinter to achieve high speed at the sprint approach using as little of his own energy as possible, so he has as much energy as possible for the final sprint.[2][11]
leechBlutegelblóðsugur水蛭iglesangsueA rider who drafts behind others to reduce his effort, but does not reciprocate. Also wheelsucking.[44]
lidDeckellokilågcouverclen. helmet.
limitGrenzetakmörk限制begrænselimiteFirst riders to depart in a handicap race.[5]
lineLinielínu线linjedoublern. the desirable path or strategy to take on a tricky trail section or portion of road. e.g. He took the best line. Hey Fred, hold your line!
loop tripRundreiselykkjuferð循环行程sløjfe turvoyage en bouclen. ride that forms a loop with no backtracking.
lugschleppendrullulugpatten. metal reinforcing piece into which the tubing for expensive road bikes is brazed, allowing lighter tubing. The seat lug reinforces the connection between the top tube and the seat tube, for example.
madisonMadisonmadison麦迪逊madisonmadisonThe madison is a mass-start track event comprising teams of two riders per team. It is similar to a team points race, as points are awarded to the top finishers at the intermediate sprints and for the finishing sprint. Only one of the two team riders is racing on the track at any one time, riding for a number of laps, and then exchanging with his partner by a hand sling. The name comes from the original Madison Square Garden, which was constructed as a velodrome.[45][46]
magic spannermagischer Schraubenschlüsseltöfralykill魔术扳手magisk nøgleclé magiqueThe situation where a mechanic in a support vehicle will appear to be making adjustments to the bike but in reality they are giving fatigued riders a break by holding onto the car and getting a massive push-off when the commissaires get too close.[47]
Maillot JauneMaillot JauneMaillot JauneMaillot JauneMaillot JauneMaillot JauneFrench for Yellow Jersey.
male blindnessmännliche Blindheitkarlkyns blindu男性失明mandlig blindhedcécité masculinen. when a male rider watches a beautiful female ride over rough terrain and stares intensely at all the jiggling parts, making him too dizzy to see straight when it's his turn to ride the same terrain.
MAMILMAMILMAMIL马米尔MAMILMAMILAbbreviation of middle-aged men in lycra, a popular bicycle buying demographic for high-end bicycles[48][49][50][51]
mandibular disharmonyUnterkiefer Disharmonieósamræmi í mandibular下颌骨不协调mandibular disharmonidysharmonie mandibulaireadv.how one's jaw feels when it and the handle bars attempt to occupy the same space and time.
mantrapMenschenfalleþulur陷阱mantrapsatiren. hole covered with autumn leaves, resembling solid earth and effective at eating the front wheel of the unsuspecting rider.
manualHandbuchhandbók手动的brugervejledningManuelLifting the front wheel off the ground by the shifting of the rider's weight.[52]
MarinMarinMarin马林MarinMarinn. (muh RINN') the county in Northern California where MTBing is said to have been invented. Just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.
mashMaischemauka糊状物Mosepuréev. to apply much force to the pedals on their downward cycle, generally while standing to climb a steep hill.
mechanicMechanikervélvirki机械mekanikermécanicienn. a bike mechanic, See also tech and wrench.
minute manwinziger Mannmínútu maður分钟人minut mandpetit hommeThe cyclist starting in a time trial either a minute ahead or behind another rider.[53]
moMománmomoisn. momentum. "If you don't get in gear at the bottom of that hill, you'll lose your mo."
modulationModulationmótun调制modulationmodulationn. the ability to finely and consistently select a specific braking force, rather than moving straight from no braking power to locked wheels and an endo. Hydraulic brakes have great modulation; V-brakes not so much.
motoMotorradmoto摩托motomotoor Motor Official. n. a race referee or official who uses a motorcycle during the bicycle race event. The motor referee is often primarily responsible for centerline rule enforcement during road races using a rolling enclosure. Motor officials are also used to keep track of riders where cars and the peloton cannot mix (narrow roads, winding roads, etc.).
motor marshalmotor marschallvélstjóri元帅motormarskalmaréchal du moteurn. race staff on motorcycles responsible for assisting in keeping a racecourse clear and safe for competitors, usually in conjunction with a rolling or protected enclosure.
mountainbike-aneeringMountainbike-Neeringfjallahjóla-flug山地自行车工程mountainbike-anløbvtt-aneeringn. off shoot sport of mountain biking where peak bagging is a prime consideration. Another sport featuring the "because it's there" attitude.
MTBMTBMTB山地车MTBVTTn. the activity of MounTain Biking. Or a mountain bike itself. Also v. "MTBing". See ATB, OHV, ORV, VTT.
mud boggingSchlamm versinkendrullusokkur泥泞muddermosertourbière de bouev. riding through muck for fun.
mud divingSchlammtauchendrulluköfun泥浆潜水mudderdykningplongée dans la bouen. what happens when a bike slows abruptly in mud, throwing the rider into wet goo.
mud-ectomySchlamm-Ektomieleðjubrottnám泥浆切除术mudder-ektomiboue-ectomie1) v. a shower after a ride on a muddy trail. 2) v. the act of becoming clean.
musetteMusettemusette小风笛musettemusetteSmall lightweight cotton shoulder bag, containing food and drink given to riders in a feed zone during a cycle race. The bag is designed so that it can be easily grabbed by a moving rider. The shoulder strap is placed over the head and one shoulder, the contents are then removed and placed into jersey pockets or bottles (bidons) are placed into bottle cages. The bag is then discarded.[54]
muurmuurvegg穆尔murmuerDutch for wall. A short, steep climb. Originates from the Tour of Flanders locations such as Muur van Geraardsbergen and Koppenberg.[55]
nard guardNardenwächternard vörður守卫nard vagtgarde de nardn. used to prevent wang chung.
NCCANCCANCCANCCANCCANCCAn. abbreviation for National Collegiate Cycling Association . The NCCA is a standing committee of USA Cycling. The NCCA administers, develops, promotes and governs collegiate bicycling across the country. Rules for NCCA bicycle road races are the same as for USCF bicycle race events.
neo-proNeo-Profiný-pro新亲neo-pronéo-proA first year professional.[43]
nippleNippelgeirvörtu乳头brystvortemamelonn. the nut at the end of a spoke that nobody knows the real name for.
nirvanaNirwananirvana涅槃nirvananirvanan. the state of being in absolute control and totally in tune with your bike, the trail, and your physical strength. "I was just doing it all so smoothly and delicately and quickly, it was nirvana!" Synonym for The Zone.
no one else in the picturesonst niemand auf dem bildenginn annar á myndinni图片中没有其他人ingen andre på billedetpersonne d'autre sur la photoTo win a race solo, without any competitors in view. The "victory pose" shows only the winner.[43]
NORBANORBANORBA诺巴NORBANORBAn. National Off-Road Bicycling Association. As part of USAC, they organize most of the larger mountain bike races.
nose wheelieNase Wheelienefhjól鼻轮næsehjulcabré du nezlifting the rear wheel of the bike using the front brake and shifting the rider's weight forward.[56] A stoppie in motorcycling.
nosepickiumNasenpickiumnefskít鼻尖nosepiciumpic de nezn. the crusties you pick from your nose after a ride in a dusty environ.
O.D.ODO.D.外径O.D.D.O.This is short for "Off Day". Even the best riders have them. It is important to recognize the symptoms and to back off when you are having an O.D.
off the backvon hintenaf bakinu从后面fra ryggenà l'arrièreadj. when a rider is dropped, or cannot keep up with the pace of the windshield (such as a peloton or another rider) and falls behind.
off the frontvon vorne wegframan af在前面foransur le devantadj. when a rider takes part in a breakaway, where one or more riders scoot up ahead of the main peloton in a race.
off-camber turnOff-Camber-Kurveoff-camber beygju外倾转弯off-camber svingvirage hors carrossagen. a turn which would usually be banked in the opposite direction, so the banking is the opposite of what would be expected on a racetrack corner. The road's angle is added to, rather than subtracted from, the lean angle. Take these turns cautiously for, among other things, your tread may not extend far enough up the side.
omniumOmniumalhliða万能omniumomniumA multi-stage track cycling event whose composition has varied in the past. When reintroduced to the UCI World Championships in 2007, six omnium events have been held, while the European Track Championships have a different set omnium events.[24]:149
on bread and waterauf Brot und Wasserá brauði og vatni在面包和水上på brød og vandau pain et à l'eauIs said of a rider who relies exclusively on good diet and exercise to perform in races. This type of rider refuses to use any form of doping. Can also be said of a performance realised while racing clean at the time the result was achieved. (Example: "I won the criterium on bread and water but then the big race came and ...")
on the rivetauf der Nieteá hnoðið在铆钉上på nittensur le rivetA rider who is riding at maximum speed. When riding at maximum power output, a road racer often perches on the front tip of the saddle (seat), where the shell of an old-style leather saddle would be attached to the saddle frame with a rivet.[43]
on your wheelauf deinem Radá hjólinu þínu在你的轮子上på dit hjulsur ta roueThe condition of being very close to the rear wheel of the rider ahead of you. Used to inform the rider that you have positioned yourself in their slipstream for optimum drafting. For example: "I'm on your wheel".[57]
onsight flashOnsight-Blitzárásarglampi现场快闪onsight flashflash à vuev. to clean a section with no previous knowledge of its layout or elements (See also beta flash).
out and backhin und zurückút og til baka来回ud og tilbagealler et retourn. tour where the return is a retracing of the route in.
over the barsüber die Stangenyfir rimlana越过酒吧over tremmerneau-dessus des barreauxUnexpected and sudden dismount, either caused by braking too hard with the front wheel or by a road hazard.[2]
Over The Bars (OTB)Über den Bars (OTB)Over The Bars (OTB)在酒吧(OTB)Over The Bars (OTB)Au-dessus des barreaux (OTB)n. unexpected dismount over the handlebars.
over-the-bar blood donorOver-the-Bar-Blutspenderblóðgjafi yfir strikið非处方献血者over-the-bar bloddonordonneur de sang en vente libren. a rider who is injured while doing an endo.
overgearedübertriebenyfirgíraður过度使用overgearetsurmenéadj. a condition where the rider is using a gear combination which is too high or "hard" given the circumstances. Generally results in bogging out or needless fatigue.
overlapÜberlappungskarast重叠overlapchevauchementRiding in a position such that the leading edge of one's front wheel is ahead of the trailing edge of the rear wheel of the bicycle immediately ahead. Overlap is potentially dangerous because of the instability that results if the wheels rub, and the simple fact that it allows the trailing rider to turn only in one direction (away from the wheel of the rider ahead). In road bicycle racing, overlap can be a significant cause of crashes, so beginning riders are instructed to "protect your front wheel" (avoid overlap) whenever riding in a pack.
pacelineTempoliniehraðlína起搏线fartlinjeligne de rythmeGroup of riders riding at high speed by drafting one another. Riders will take turns at the front to break the wind, then rotate to the back of the line to rest in the draft. Larger group rides will often form double pacelines with two columns of riders. Sometimes referred to as "bit and bit".[58]
packPackpakkapakkepaquetv., n. a crash or fall. e.g. "He packed into that snow bank and broke his leg." Verb, meaning to quit a ride (typically a race) prematurely.
palmaresPalmarespalmares成绩单palmarespalmarèsA list of races a rider has won. (French, meaning list of achievements or list of winners).
panacheElantöffari华丽panachepanacheA rider displaying style and/or courage, for example by breaking away, taking pulls at the front of the group, remounting after a crash or riding while suffering injuries. Example: "This rider insisted on continuing the race after the crash. After he crossed the line 100 kilometers later, doctors found out that he had 3 cracked vertebrae and 2 broken ribs."[13]
panic skidPanik schlitternlætishlaup恐慌打滑panikudskridningdérapage de paniquev. to try with all one's will and strength to prevent an impending stack by attempting to implant one's heels as deeply as possible in the ground. Usually a dumb idea.
pannierKoffertösku驮包kuffertsacocheA basket, bag, box, or similar container, carried in pairs attached to the frame, handle bars, or on racks attached above the wheels of a bicycle. Panniers are used by commuters and touring cyclists in the same way hikers and campers use backpacks, as a means to pack and carry gear, clothing and other supplies and items. The term derives from the Old French, from Classical Latin, word for bread basket.[59]
passpassierenframhjá经过passerepassern. the lowest passage between two mountains. The french - but not just the french - know this as a col. The mathematicians would call this the saddle point.
pavement polishPflaster polierengangstéttarpólskur路面抛光剂fortovspoleringpolissage de la chausséen. the small parallel grooves you find on your bike and its expensive components after you wipe out and smear all aver the blacktop. Pavement polish is the bike equivalent of road rash.
pedaling circlesKreise tretenpedali hringi脚踏圈træde cirklercercles de pédalagePedaling smoothly and efficiently.
pedaling squaresTretquadratepedali ferninga踩踏方块pedaler firkantercarrés de pédalage
pelotonPelotondeild大部队pelotonpeloton(from French, literally meaning little ball or platoon and also related to the English word pellet) is the large main group in a road bicycle race. May also be called thefield, bunch, or pack. Riders in a group save energy by riding close (drafting or slipstreaming) near and, particularly behind, other riders. The reduction in drag is dramatic; in the middle of a well-developed group it can be as much as 40%.[60] also known as the field.
pepPeppepp打气pepdynamismeOriginating from the popular nickname of a famous Latin American cyclist, "pep" is used as a verb meaning "to carelessly and headlessly ford (as in a small body of water)." For example, "pep" could be used in the sentence "I'm going to pep this creek".
phatfettphatphatpâtéor fat. adj. used to describe how exceptional something is like a "Phat Air" might be a really styled out trick as well as being "large", that is, very high.
picking a lineAuswahl einer Linieað velja línu选择一条线at vælge en linjechoisir une lignev. planning the path of the bike by anticipating approaching terrain, or choosing a bar room introduction. Example: "What's your sign?" Common reply: "Trail closed"
pinch flatplatt drückenklípa flatt捏扁klem fladtpincer à platn. flat tire caused by the tube being pinched between the rim and a hard object, usually due to under -inflated tires
piranha (piranha’d)Piranha (Piranha'd)Piranha (piranha’d)食人鱼 (piranha’d)piranha (piranha’d)piranha (piranha'd)(UK) A form of theft that specialises in stealing parts from parked and locked bicycles to the eventual point that very little is left of the bike.[61]
pitchTonhöhevelli沥青tonehøjdeterrainn. a short section of technical road or trail.
pogopogopógó跳高pogopogov. to bounce on a full-suspension bike like a pogo stick. Also, for a full-suspension bike to bounce annoyingly and uncontrollably.
pokesstupstpotarstikkerpiquen. short for slow pokes. This is someone that always lingers in the back of the pack. This is not a crime.
pooterPötterskáld穷人poderpotiern. also known as a brain, the electronic doodad that keeps track of your speed, cadence, heart rate
portageTransportflutningur搬运portageportagev. to carry your bike.
poserAngeberposer装腔作势poserposeurn. derogatory term for people with $$expensive$$ bikes that never actually ride. Usually found near a trail head or coffee shop and never dirty or sweaty. Seinfeld may be an example. Synonym for fred.
potato chipKartoffelchipkartöfluflaga薯片kartoffelchipchips de pomme de terren. a wheel that has been bent badly, but not taco'd.
poursuivantergiebigpoursuivant倾诉者poursuivantpoursuivantFrom French, literally "pursuing" - refers to a cyclist or group of cyclists who are separated from and behind the leader(s) (tête de la course) but in front of the main group (peloton). This usually occurs when a small number of riders attempt to catch up to the leaders, either to join with them or to "bring them back to the pack" by encouraging the main group to chase them down.[11]
powder runPulverlaufdufthlaup粉跑pudderløbcoulée de poudren. extremely dusty section of trail.
powerEnergiekrafti力量strømPuissanceThe rate at which effective energy is being transferred by the cyclist's legs. Measured through a power meter and normally expressed in watts.
powerslidePowerslidepowerslide动力滑板powerslideglissement de puissancen. a two-wheel sideways slide, with the foot opposite the direction of travel kept on the ground.
prangprangprang攀登prangpilonnerv. to bend or dent a part of the bike or body.
PrestaPrestaPresta普雷斯塔PrestaPrestan. flavor of valve which is taller, lighter and skinnier than Schrader car tire valves, which incorporate a screw-in lock into the valve. These are better, use Presta valves if you have a choice
pretzeledBrezelnkringlótt椒盐脆饼kringletbretzel1) adj. the condition in which you find your frame after a less than successful attempt to mail it third class to Abu Dhabi. 2) adj. the condition both you and your bike are found in after a hairy collision.
primeprimprime主要primeprimePrimes (pronounced preems, after the French word for "gift" (often incorrectly spelled "premes") are intermediate sprints within a race, usually offering a prize and/or points. Primes are a way to encourage more competitive riding, and also an opportunity for companies to gain publicity by sponsoring a prime. In a criterium, a bell is sounded on the lap preceding the prime sprint at the appropriate line for that prime sprint. The line used for prime sprints need not be the same as the start or finish line. Primes may be either predetermined for certain laps or spontaneously designated under the supervision of the Chief Referee. All primes won shall be awarded to riders even if they withdraw from the race. Lapped riders are not eligible for primes except in the following situation: when a breakaway has lapped the main field, riders in the main field and the breakaway riders are then both eligible for primes. When primes are announced for a given group, only riders in that group or behind it at the beginning of the prime lap are eligible. Prizes can be cash, merchandise, or points, depending on the race.[13]
prologuePrologformáli序幕prologprologueAn individual time trial of usually less than 8 km (5 mi) before a stage race, used to determine which rider wears the leader's jersey on the first stage.[20]
protected enclosuregeschütztes Gehegefriðlýst girðing受保护的外壳beskyttet indhegningenceinte protégéen. a type of traffic control in which the entire road is closed to other traffic as the race passes any given point. The road reopens after the race passes.
prunePflaumesveskjur修剪sveskeprunev. to use one's bike or helmet to remove leaves and branches from the surrounding flora, usually unintentional.
pullziehendragatrækketirerv. to ride at the front of a group of riders, where there is no protection from wind resistance.
pull back timeZeit zurückziehendraga tímann til baka时光倒流trække tiden tilbagereculer le tempsTo pull back time is to make up time on another rider who is ahead on G.C. "he needs to "pull back" two minutes if he wants to get in yellow".
pull it backzieh es zurückdraga það til baka把它拉回来trække den tilbagetirez-le en arrièreto work to reduce the lead of a breakaway, also used as "he needs to pull him back" or "they need to pull him back".
pull offabziehendraga af拔下来klareretirerv. to give up at the front of a group, and return to a position in the formation that is sheltered from wind resistance, such as the back of a paceline.
pull throughdurchziehendraga í gegn渡过难关træk igennemtirerv. to take the front position in a paceline after the previous leader has "pulled off" and left for the rear.
pumpPumpedælapumpepompecolloquial verb meaning to give a second person a ride on a bicycle, also known as giving a hike. The passenger may balance on the handlebars or the seat, while the biker stands to pedal. v. to bounce a suspension fork in hopes of some useful effect, or to encourage excitement
pumpedgepumptdælt抽水pumpetpompé1) adj. the feeling of overworked muscles, where they swell and strength disappears. 2) adj. a feeling of childish excitement about a new toy or trail.
puncheurSchlagerpuncheur打孔者puncheurpuncheurIt is a type of road bicycle racer that specializes in rolling terrain with short but steep climbs. Ideal races for this type of rider are the one day classics in spring. These races are characterized by hills that are a 10-20% grade and 1–2 km long, examples include the Liege-Bastogne-Liege, the Mur de Huy in the Flèche Wallonne and the Manayunk Wall in the Philadelphia International Championship. The physique of this type of rider allows them to escape from the peloton through quick bursts usually with the assistance of a teammate. Examples of such racers include Philippe Gilbert, Paolo Bettini, Danilo Di Luca and Peter Sagan, who are able to sprint their way up the shorter climbs to win a stage or a single-day race. However, their lower endurance is a disadvantage in stage races where the climbs are usually longer 5–20 km, albeit at lower gradients 5-10%.[62][63][64]
purple anolila anofjólublátt ano紫色阳极lilla anoano violetadj. anodized aluminum in purple. Some riders need to obtain as much of this as possible. It comes in other colors, but they are of no consequence here.
push-pushpush-pushýta-ýta推推skub-skubpoussez, poussez1) n. a novice's pedaling motion, consisting of alternately pushing each foot down, instead of spinning.
queen stageKönigin Bühnedrottningarstig女王舞台dronningescenenétape reineThe stage of a multi-day road race which includes the highest point reach of the whole race. Also usually, but not always, the hardest stage of the race.
quick-releaseschnelle Veröffentlichunghraðlosun快速释放quick-releaselibération rapiden. bolts with levers attached, for easy adjustment and removal of wheels and seat height
R&DF&ER&D研发R&DR&Dn. Ripoff & Duplication, or Research & Development.
rag dollyStoffpuppetuskubrúsa布娃娃kludevognchariot de chiffonv. to wreck in such a way that one's person is tossed like a flimsy scrap of cloth. "Did you see me rag dolly back there? I think I pierced my ear on a tree branch."
railingGeländerhandrið栏杆rækværkbalustradev. making fast and hard turns, like you're on rails and are immune to traction loss. e.g. "He was railing around that turn before he slid out and biffed."
rakeRechenhrífariverâteaun. the amount, in degrees, that a front fork curves forward from a line drawn down the stem or steer tube. The rake along with the steer tube angle of a bicycle will determine it’s trail.
rallyRallyefylkja团结samlese rallierv. to ride exceptionally well, especially on normally difficult routes.
randoneeRandoneerandonee兰多尼randoneeRandonéen. a form of cross country bicycle race event. It is run as a very long recreational event, lasting two or three days.
RDSRDSRDSRDSRDSRDSn. abbreviation for Rapid Deceleration Syndrome. Military term for the very sudden illness that happens when the free-flight following a high-speed involuntary dismount is interrupted by something solid.
rear trianglehinteres Dreieckþríhyrningur að aftan后三角bagerste trekanttriangle arrièren. the triangle formed by the chain stays, seat stays, and seat tube
relayRelaisgengi中继relærelaisn. a specific form of a time trial, in which competitors cover great distances riding almost around the clock.
retro-grouchRetro-Mürreraftur-gróa复古的抱怨retro-grouchrétro grincheuxn. a rider who prefers an old bike with old components and isn't fond of new, high-tech equipment.
rhoid buffingRhoid Polierenrhoid buffingrhoid 抛光rhoid poleringpolissage rhoïdev. going down a hill so steep that your butt touches the rear wheel.
Ride On!Fahrt auf!Hjólaðu áfram!骑在!Kør på!Montez !excl. a parting phrase used by riders without much else to say.
riding the pegsdie Pflöcke reitenað hjóla á plöggunum骑着钉子rider pløkkenemonter les chevillesv. standing on the pedals through rough terrain.
rigidstarrstífur死板的stivrigideA bicycle without any suspension system.[4]
road captainStraßenkapitänvegskipstjóri公路队长vejkaptajncapitaine de routeAn experienced rider who organises and marshals the team's riders in a road race, including instructing team-mates regarding tactical decisions and improvising new tactics when pre-race plans are overtaken by events on the road. They are the key link between the directeur sportif and the rest of the team. Road captains are normally selected on a race-by-race basis depending on the demands of the event and their relationship with the team leader. Notable road captains in recent years include Bernhard Eisel, Luca Paolini, Mick Rogers and David Millar.[65][66]
road raceStraßenrennenvegahlaup公路赛landevejsløbcourse sur routeA race on pavement. Longer in distance than criteriums.[13]
road rashStraßenausschlagvegaútbrot路疹vejudslætéruption cutanéeSevere skin abrasions caused from sliding on the asphalt in a crash.[2][4]
roadieRoadieroadie路人roadieroadien. a cyclist that rides nearly exclusively on roads, and considers trails for the weak and feeble.
rock gardenSteingartengrjótgarður假山花园klippehavejardin de rochesn. section of the trail that is completely covered with grapefruit (baby head) size to basketball sized rocks.
rock-ectomyRock-Ektomiebergbrot岩石切除术klippektomirock-ectomiev. removing rocks, dirt, gravel from one's person after a yard sale. "Some betty stopped by and performed a rock ectomy on my knee after the wreck, I think she digs my scene."
rocket fuelRaketentreibstoffeldsneytiseldsneyti火箭燃料raketbrændstofcarburant de fuséen. the mandatory pre-ride coffee.
rockwellrockwellberghella罗克韦尔rockwellpuits de rochev. an unintentionally performed hardness test rendered by a trial side object on your anatomy or possessions. Requires the use of a number to rate the event. "I 50 Rockwelled on that last buster." "No way, dude, it was at least a 60!" The term comes from the material hardness Rockwell scale, a hardness scale based on indentation hardness of a material.
rollersRollenrúllur滚筒rullerpatin à roulettesA type of trainer composed of rolling cylinders under the rear wheel linked to a single rolling cylinder under the front wheel which allow the rider to practice balance while training indoors.[13]
rolling enclosurerollendes Gehäuserúllandi girðing滚动外壳rullende indhegningenceinte roulanten. a type of traffic control where escort vehicles form a caravan leading and following a group of racers. The enclosure sets aside a moving part of the roadway in the direction of the race for exclusive use of bicyclists. Racers inside the enclosure are not required to follow the normal rules of the road. Racers are not allowed to cross the center line unless the entire road is traffic controlled. A rolling enclosure is the typical traffic control used to run a road race.
ROMPTUMMELNROMP欢蹦乱跳ROMPROMPn. acronym for Responsible Organized Mountain Pedalers, a Silicon Valley organization teaching mountain biking skills, organizing rides, and active in trail politics.
rookie markRookie-Markenýliðamerki新秀标记rookie mærkemarque de recruen. chain grease on a rider's pant leg. "Give that guy extra points for his rookie mark. It's even on the wrong leg!" See chainring tattoo.
roostSchlafplatzhvíla栖息hvileperchoirv. to go fast or accelerate quickly. Or, to stop suddenly.
rooster trailHahn Spurhanaslóð公鸡小径hanestisentier du coqn. a spray of water flung off the back wheel as the bicycle rolls through water. Particularly pronounced on bikes without fenders.
rotating weightrotierendes Gewichtsnúningsþyngd旋转重物roterende vægtpoids tournantWeight (more correctly mass) that is rotating while the bike is moving, particularly the wheels. Mass near the outside edge of a wheel has about twice the storedenergy of a similar non-rotating mass moving at the same speed. A bicycle wheel can be considered to be a good approximation of a hollow cylinder with most of its mass at or near the rim. The rotation of cranks, wheel hubs, and other parts are of less significance because both their radius and speed of rotation (angular velocity) are small. All mass resists changes in velocity (acceleration or deceleration) due to inertia. This resistance is noticeably greater where rotational inertia is also a significant component, so lighter wheel rims, spoke nipples, and tires will permit faster acceleration (or the same acceleration for less expenditure of energy). This effect is much reduced at lower speeds such as during hill climbing.
rouleurRouleurrúllur轮盘赌rouleurrouleurA rider who is strong on flat and undulating roads. The rider is well suited for races such as Paris–Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders. Tom Boonen and Fabian Cancellara are examples of this.[11]
rude drop-offunhöflicher Abgangdónalegt brottfall粗鲁的下车uhøflig afleveringdépôt grossiern. a sudden drop on the trail of two feet or more.
saddleSattelhnakkursadelselleBike seat.
SAG wagonSAG-WagenSAG vagnSAG旅行车SAG vognWagon SAGA broom wagon.[13][15][16] SAG is an acronym for "support and gear" or "support and grub".[17]
schmoozschmoozschmooz施穆兹schmoozschmoozv. the act of reaching a trail head and not riding. What is done when one really can't stand the thought of starting a ride. Talking. Bullshitting.
SchraederSchraderSchraeder施莱德SchraederSchradern. flavor of valve found on cars, Tubular road tires, and some clincher mountain and road tubes, use the better, Presta system.
schwagSchwagschwag施瓦格schwagschwag1) n. terrible trail conditions. 2) n. free stuff. See swag.
scratchkratzenklórakradserayureLast riders to depart in a handicap race. Also referred to as the "scratch bunch" or "scratchies". Also, a straightforward type of track race with a predetermined number of laps (except in the case of an "unknown scratch," when officials ring a bell to signify one lap to go) until the finish line.
screamSchreiöskra尖叫skrigepousser un cri1) n. a real biker's dream ride. 2) n. a long, straight, and deceptively steep hill. 3) v. to bomb so fast one can't pedal fast enough to make a difference.
screamerSchreihalsöskrandi尖叫者skrigendehurleurn. a very, very high dropoff. "I was trying so hard to keep my eyes away from the ledge back there. What a screamer!"
seat tubeSitzrohrsætisrör座管sæderørtube de sellen. the part of the frame that accepts the seat post, and attaches the top tube to the bottom bracket
seatpostSattelstützesætispóstur座杆saddelpindtige de sellen. the post that attaches your seat to the frame at the seat tube
seatstaySitzstrebesætisstöng后座siddestaghaubann. the two frame members through which the rear wheel passes that meet the chain stays at the rear dropouts
semi-loopHalbschleifehálflykkja半环semi-loopdemi-bouclen. loop trip with a section of out and back attached.
service courseDienst Kursþjónustunámskeið服务课程service kursuscours de serviceA command center where bicycles are maintained between races in preparation for the next race, a service course car is a car (such as those famously provided by Mavic) that carry spare bicycles or wheels in a race should the competing cyclist require it.[67][68]
sew-upsNähtesaumaskap缝合syningercouturesn. also known as tubulars, lightweight road tires and rims with the tread sewn directly around the tube, which is glued right onto a rim without bead hooks. Opposite of clincher tires, which often use an inner tube inside.
shapesFormenformum形状formerformesTo pull or throw shapes (origin: Irish slang for acting the "hard man") is to pedal in an ungainly and un-fluid manner, usually due to exertion; a sign that a rider is about to crack or has cracked. Can be used in expressive ways: "He's throwing a whole basket of shapes".
shelledgeschältskeljaður炮击afskalledeégrenéA rider who is having extreme difficulty keeping up with a fast pace race in a way they did not anticipate. A rider who is shelled will use up all their energy so they have nothing left for the finishing sprint, drop back out of contention, or abandon the race altogether.
shifterSchalthebelskiptari移位器skifterlevier de vitessesA component used by the rider to control the gearing mechanisms and select the desired gear ratio. It is usually connected to the derailleur by a mechanical actuation cable. Electronic & hydraulic shifting systems also exist.
side-pull caliperSide-Pull-Bremssattelhliðardráttarskífu侧拉卡尺side-pull caliperétrier à tirage latéraladj. most common type of brakes found on quality road bikes. Designed such that one braking surface contacts the rim first, improving brake modulation.
single-buttedeinfach konifizierteinhneigður单抽enkeltrumpetà simple épaisseurn. tubing with a higher wall thickness at only one end, such as a seat tube on a quality frame. See double-butted, triple-butted.
singlesEinzeleinhleypir单打singlersimpleAustralian English for tubular tyres.[5]
singletrackeingleisigsingletrack单轨singletrackMorceau uniquen. trail just wide enough for one person, horse, or bike -- the mountain biker's holy grail. Contrast with dual-track or doubletrack.
SISSISSISSISSISSISn. Shimano Indexed Shifters, where you click the shifter and the gears change quickly and exactly. Opposite of friction shifting.
sit upaufsitzensitja upp坐起来sæt dig opasseyez-vousIn a race, if a rider eases his or her efforts and stops pulling or maintaining the pace of the group, the rider is said to have sat up.
sit-on and sit-inSit-on und Sit-insitja á og sitja í静坐和静坐sit-on og sit-inassis et assisTo ride behind another rider without taking a turn on the front (thus tiring the lead rider), often in preparation for an attack or sprint finish. "Sitting in the wheels" is to take an easy ride drafted by the peloton or gruppetto. Often a strategic decision to save energy in races.[2]
sitting insitzen insitur í坐在sidder is'asseoir dansv. to be a lazy sot who doesn't take their turn at the front of a paceline. Can be used as a tactic to tire one's opponent.
sketchingSkizzierungskissa素描skitseringcroquisv. the act of riding along precariously and near falling.
skid lidSturzhelmrenna loki防滑盖glidelågcouvercle de protectionn. helmet.
skid rowSkid-Reiherenna röð滑行gliderækkedébardagen. that section of trail that nobody ever expects or remembers that always appears too suddenly when riding too fast. Usually switchbacks. Named after all the skid tracks left there from previous riders.
skyHimmelhiminn天空himmelcielv. to jump extremely high. To get big air.
slicksrutschthálka浮油slicksnappesn. mountain bike tires with no tread to be used at very high pressure, for those too ignorant to get a fast and efficient road bike for use on roads. They make some difference, but doesn't fix the aerodynamics, body geometry, handlebar shape, or anything else that matters.
snake biteSchlangenbisssnákabit蛇咬slangebidmorsure de serpentn. a double puncture of an inner tube, caused by the tire bottoming out on the rim while hitting an obstacle too hard or by under-inflation of tires.
snowmineSchneeminesnjónáma雪矿sneminemine de neigen. an object hidden by snow on the trail. "Be careful of the snowmines -- you know, rocks, logs, hibernating bears..."
soft breakweiche Pausemjúkt brot软休息blød pausepause douceA breakaway that is allowed to go from the peloton in a stage race because it poses no strategic threat to any of the main contenders on GC. In French terminology a soft break is a "dishonest break".
soft-tailWeicher Schwanzmjúkur hali软尾blød halequeue mollen. a fully suspended bike.
soigneurSoigneurseigneur贵族seigneursoigneurA non-riding member of a team whose role is to provide support for the riders, possibly including transportation and organization of supplies, preparation of the team's food, post-ride massages and personal encouragement.[11]
soil sampleBodenprobejarðvegssýni土壤样品jordprøveéchantillon de soln. a face plant.
speed checkGeschwindigkeitstesthraðaskoðun速度检查hastighedskontrolcontrôle de vitessen. if you are approaching a jump too fast, you may need to slow down by making quick speed check. In other words, braking.
spiderSpinnekónguló蜘蛛edderkoparaignéen. the five-(or four) pronged section or attachment on the drive-side crank into which the chainrings are screwed.
spikeSpitzetoppur长钉spidspicv. to obtain a chainring tattoo on the back of the calf, usually the result of a newbie trying to dab or panic skid at high speeds.
spinrotierensnúningur旋转spintournoyerv. smooth pedal motion. Opposite of push-push.
spinoutausspinnensnúningur分拆spinoutdélayerv. loss of traction in the rear tire, resulting in the wheel spinning with no forward movement of the bike, usually while climbing on loose gravel
splatterSpritzerskvetta飞溅splatteréclabousserv. to strike a trail decoration following an involuntary dismount.
spring plantingFrühjahrspflanzungvor gróðursetningu春季种植forårsplantningplantation de printempsn. a face plant.
sprinterSprinterspretthlaupari短跑运动员sprintersprinterRider with the ability to generate very high power over short periods (a few seconds to a minute) allowing for great finishing speeds, but usually unable to sustain sufficiently high power over long periods to be a good time triallist, and is usually too big to have a high enough power-to-weight ratio to be a good climber.[11]
sprintsSprintssprettir冲刺spurtersprintsBritish term for tubular tyres.
spudsKartoffelnspuds土豆spudspatatesn. "SPD" (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) clipless pedals.
squaresQuadrateferninga正方形firkantercarrésSimilar to shapes. pedaling squares is pedaling without fluid rhythm. Pedaling in a labored fashion.
squirrelEichhörncheníkorna松鼠egernécureuilA cyclist who has a tendency to swerve unexpectedly and maintain inconsistent speed. Considered dangerous to follow at close range for the purpose of drafting.[13]
squirrellyEichhörncheníkorna松鼠egernécureuilthe act of riding like a squirrel
stackStapelstaflistakpilen., v. crash.
stageBühnestigi阶段sceneorganiserOne part of a multi-day race, such as the Tour de France.
stage raceEtappenrennenáfangakeppni舞台比赛etapeløbcourse par étapesn. these combine several different types of bicycle races into one multiple part bicycle race event. Stage races commonly include road races, time trials, and criteriums. These races are usually scheduled over a period of two or more days. Order of finish is determined by lowest combined elapsed time or combined points depending on the scoring format.
stagiaireStagiärstagiaire斯塔吉艾尔stagiairestagiaireAn amateur rider, who is taken in by a professional team during the season. This lets the rider get some experience at riding a few pro races, and the team gets a chance to assess the abilities of the rider.[43]
stair gapTreppenlückestigabil楼梯间隙trappespalteespace d'escalierA freeride term for a landing in terms of when cycling off a set of stairs.
stayerSteherdvöl留守者opholder sigresterA cyclist that excels at maintaining high speed on a relatively flat course alone. The stayer, climber and sprinter make up the three types of mass start road racing specialists. The stayer is some times referred to as a time trial-ist, since the qualities of one and the other are similar. Since a mass start road race is not a time trial, the term stayer is used. (Ref: CONI Book)
steedRosshestur骏马hestcoursiern. your bike, the reason for your existence.
steerer tubeSteuerrohrstýrisrör转向管styrerørtube de directionThe part of the fork that is inserted into the head tube of the frame, and is used to attach the fork to the frame using a headset.
stemStengelstilkurstilktigeThe component that attaches the handlebars to the steer tube of the bicycle. They come in two major types, quill and threadless. The angle and length plays a major part in how the bicycle fits the rider.[2]
STISTISTI性病STIITSadj. "Shimano Total Integration" – integrated brake and shift levers. Road bicycles commonly use this technology. It was created to make the bicycle more user friendly vs downtube shift levers on the downtube and brakes on the handlebars.
sticky bottleklebrige Flascheklístruð flaska粘瓶klæbrig flaskebouteille collanteA technique often used by the rider who takes food and water from the team car during a race. The rider holds on for a variable amount of time to the bottle handed to him by the car occupant, who maintains his grasp on the object, effectively dragging the athlete. This concerted act gives the cyclist a moment to relax. Usually tolerated by the race commissaire if the bottle is held for 1-2 second, but may result in a sanction if an exaggeration is perceived.[69]
stictionHaftreibungsýkingu静摩擦stiktionfrottementn. when friction makes a suspension fork travel sticky instead of smooth.
stokedgeschürtuppörvandi被激怒了ophidsetraviadj. an alternate term for the word psyched. In other words, to be excited.
stonedgesteinigtgrýtt用石头砸死stenetlapidéadj. describes a rider after a crash which imbeds stones into the rider's skin.
supermanÜbermenschofurmenni超人supermandSupermann. a rider who flies over the handlebars and doesn't hit the ground for a long time. This may result in injury, but when it doesn't, it's really funny for everyone else.
swagBeuteswag赃物swagguirlandeor schwag. n. the stuff that manufacturers and vendors donate to be given away at bike related events. When you race, go to bike shows, help put on events, write bike articles, you are often rewarded with swag.
swing offabschwingensveiflast af摇摆svinge afbalancerA cyclist fending the air in front of a group of riders, then leaving the front after producing his effort by steering his bike to the side is said to "swing off". Example:"Ivan Basso swings off to let Peter Sagan go!"[2]
swingoffabschwenkensveiflast摇摆afsvingswingoffn., v. abruptly disengaging from a formation to move from the wind-battered lead position to sheltered rear when your stint at the front is over.
table-topTischplatteborðplata桌上bordpladedessus de la tablen. a jump in which the rider throws the bike sideways in mid-air. Less commonly, a jump made over a hill that reaches a plateau and goes back down.
tacoTacotaco炸玉米饼tacotacosv. to bend a wheel over on itself, in the shape of a taco. "I taco'd my wheel, and it cost me a hundred bucks." Worse than a potato chip.
tea partyTee-Partyteboð茶会teselskabgoûtern. when a whole group of riders stops and chats, and nobody seems to want to ride on.
teamTeamlið团队holdéquipeA team of professional cyclists. Usually one rider will be the team leader and the others will support him, though the team itself will be composed of a mix of riders from the various specialisations.
team time trialMannschaftszeitfahrentímatökur í hópi团队计时赛holdtidskørselcontre-la-montre par équipeRiders start in groups or teams, usually of a fixed size. The time of the nth rider of a team counts for the classification for each team member. In the 2009 edition of Tour de France, riders who are dropped from their team's group would be scored with their own time, instead of the team time.[13]
techTechniktækni技术techtechnologien. a bike mechanic, especially at a professional bike race. See also mechanic and wrench.
technicaltechnischtæknilega技术的teknisktechniqueA trail or patch of road that requires good balance and concentration since it is very uneven. Can also be said of a bend or a series of bends.[4]
technical assistance zonetechnische Hilfszonetækniaðstoðarsvæði技术援助区teknisk assistance zonezone d'assistance techniqueA designated section along the course of a mountain bike or cyclocross race along which riders are allowed to accept technical assistance (tools, spare parts, or mechanical work) from another person. In cyclocross racing the technical assistance zone is called the "pit". Not all mountain bike races contain a technical assistance zone, instead requiring riders to carry whatever tools and spare parts they may need. A rider accepting technical assistance outside of the designated zone risks disqualification.
techno-weenieTechno-Weenietechno-weenie科技感techno-weenietechno-weenien. a rider who knows everything about the newest bike parts and techno-fads except how to use either them or his bike. Someone who buys lots of gadgets to add supposed iotas of performance to the bike. Greeting a friend whom we haven't seen in a year, I might say "Hi, Marta!" A techno-weenie might say "Oooh, you got Campy Record hubs on that bike now?"
tempoTempotaktur速度tempotempoSteady pace at the front of a group of riders. A relatively fast tempo can be used by a group or team to control the peloton, often to make up time to a break. The group will ride at the head of the bunch and set a fast enough pace to stretch the peloton out (also known as stringing out) and discourage other riders from attacking. Setting a slower tempo can be done for the purpose of blocking.[70] A tempo is also a type of track race where two points are awarded to the first person to cross the line each lap, and one point is awarded to the second person to cross the line each lap. The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the race.
tempo paceTempotaktur节奏tempo tempotempo rythmeA level of exertion just below the rider's anaerobic threshold. Used as a reference point in training, this is the highest level of exertion that a given rider can sustain.[71]
testerPrüferprófunaraðili测试仪testertesteurA time-trialist who tends to over-specialize in the discipline. Slightly derogatory.
tête de la coursetête de la coursetête de la námskeiðtête de la coursetête de la kursustête de la courseFrom French, literally "head of the race" - the leading cyclist or group of cyclists, when separated from (in front of) the peloton.
thrashPrügelnþras捶打thrashdébattre1) v. to cause severe damage to a trail, usually during the wet season. 2) adj. a damaged trail "That trail's really thrashed after last winter."
three-hour tourdreistündige Führungþriggja tíma ferð三小时游览tre timers turvisite de trois heuresn. a MTB ride that looks like a piece of cake at the outset but turns out to be a death march. Derived from the theme song to "Gilligan's Island."
titititijen. pronounced "tie," it's the periodic-table abbreviation for titanium, and just about the only chemistry-class vestige that a rider should sprinkle into the conversation. "Sheila's running ti bar ends, ti pedal spindles, a ti seat post, and a ti wedding band."
ticket collectorSchaffnermiðasöfnunarmaður收票员billet samlercollecteur de billetsA rider that sits at the back of a breakaway but doesn't take a pull. Thus the rider gets a free ride similar to a ticket collector on a train who rides for free.
tifosiTifositifosi蒂佛西tifositifosiThe word commonly refers to fans along the roadside at professional road cycling races in Italy such as Tirreno–Adriatico, Milan – San Remo, the Giro d'Italia, and the Giro di Lombardia.
time trialZeitfahrentímatöku计时赛tidskørselcontre la montren. bicycle race events in which individuals or small teams of riders ride the same route and distance separately for elapsed time. Time trials are generally started at preset intervals and held on an out-and-back or circuit course, and are generally 15 or 40 km, but dozens of lengths are sanctioned. A race against the clock where riders are started separately (ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes apart). The winner of the race is determined by the fastest person across the course. No drafting may be employed in a time trial as it is a solo race event.[2]
time trialistZeitfahrertímatökumaður计时赛tidskørerchronométreurA rider that can generate relatively high power over long periods of time (5 minutes to an hour or more) in a race against the clock.
to stick the knife inum das Messer hineinzusteckenað stinga hnífnum í把刀插进去at stikke kniven indenfoncer le couteauTo finish off a group of riders who are about to crack. The perpetrator knows (or guesses) he has better overall energy than his competitors, presumably after making them suffer with numerous accelerations. The ensuing violent acceleration is referred to as "sticking the knife in" while a number of riders, if not all, are dropped.[72]
toe clipsZehenclipstá klemmur脚趾夹tåclipscale-piedsn. a clip-and-strap system that connects a rider's feet and toes to her pedals. Toe clips usually don't require special shoes.
tombstoneGrabsteinlegsteinn墓碑gravstenpierre tombalen. one of those damn little rocks protruding out of the trail which you don't notice because you are having a heart-attack climbing the hill.
top tubeOberrohrtopprör顶管toprørTube supérieurn. the part of the frame that attaches the head tube to the seat tube
topotopotopo地形topotopon. short for United States Geological Survey topographic map.
tornadoTornadohvirfilbyl龙卷风tornadotornadev. to balance on your front wheel while turning your back wheel 90-180 degrees in either direction.
trackSpurlag追踪sporePisteAn oval cycling track for races, banked at up to 50 degrees. Cycling tracks are usually, but not always indoors. Bicycling or cycle tracks are also called velodromes. An Olympic track is generally 250m long.
Track Left!Spur links!Lag til vinstri!向左追踪!Spor til venstre!Piste à gauche !imp. a signal to gape at the passing rider on your left, generally accompanied with a sharp movement to veer right into his path.
Track Right!Richtig verfolgen!Rekja rétt!向右追踪!Spor rigtigt!Suivre à droite !imp. a signal to the slowpoke ahead to look around for a hidden turnoff to the left, so he'll get the hell out of your way because there isn't any room to pass on singletrack anyway.
track standGleisständerbrautarstandur轨道架banestandsupport de pisten. (from fixed-gear track racing) a maneuver where the rider stops the bike and remains standing on the bicycle without putting a foot on the ground for balance. Balancing in place on 2 wheels, usually standing on the pedals.
track wobbleSpur wackeltlag vaggur轨道摆动spor slingreoscillation de la pisten. when the rider stops the bike and attempts to remain standing, but can't do it very well. Characterized by rolling forward, violent movements of the front wheel, and a distressed expression on the rider's face. See track stand, above.
trailPfadslóð踪迹stiPisten. the distance between the point created by the projection of the bicycle steer tube axis to the ground and the contact patch of a tire. This determines how a bike will steer. A bicycle with a lot of trail will be “stable” and one with minimal trail will be “nimble”, in the negative connotation “stable” will become “sluggish” and “nimble” becomes “nervious”.
trail angelSpur Engelslóð engill小道天使sporengelange de pistea generous individual or group of individuals that provide acts of kindness to participants of outdoor events, on hiking trails or various biking routes. Trail angels are closely associated with trail magic. "Trail Angels" are commonly referred to in online hiking journals as friends of hikers, relatives or others persons who will often provide food, transportation, etc. to hikers on the trail.
trail swagSpur Beuteslóð swag线索赃物sti swagbutin de pisten. equipment or accessories dropped by other bikers and found on the trail.
trainZuglest火车togtraina method in stage races to get a sprinter to the front of a bunch sprint and launched. The sprinter's team riders will form a line, usually within 5k of the finish and take turns to build up speed - the last rider in the train will be protected (drafting) until a short distance from the finish. Perfected by HTC and Mark Cavendish.
trainerTrainerþjálfari教练员trænerentraîneurA piece of equipment that a bicycle stands on so that the rear wheel can spin while the bicycle is stationary, allowing stationary riding. These are usually used when the conditions outside are bad.
trialsVersucheréttarhöld试验forsøgessaisn. the art of hopping onto large objects on your bike, for those who can't go fast and have no endurance. Not to be confused with Time Trials, which is just the opposite.
tricked outausgetrickstplataður út被骗了snydt udtrompéadj. when a bike has the latest and hottest components.
triple-butteddreifach konifiziertþrefaldur rass三连击triple-buttedà triple épaisseurn. tubing with two butts of differing thicknesses, such as 0.9/0.6/0.8 mm. See single-butted, double-butted.
true sprinterechter Sprintersannur spretthlaupari真正的短跑运动员ægte sprintervrai sprinterAlso known as old school sprinter. A rider who excels primarily in sprint finishes on flat to mildly uphill terrain. Often too heavy to compete in longer or steeper uphill courses.
tubular tyresSchlauchreifenpípulaga dekk管胎rørformede dækpneus tubulairesTubular tyres are cycle tyres that have the inner tube permanently stitched inside the casing. They are held in place using glue or glue-tape, and are affixed to rims which lack the sidewalls characteristic of a hook-bead rim. Tubulars take very high pressure (up to 10 bar or 145 psi, or higher for racing and track-specific tires) which reduces their rolling resistance. They typically result in wheelsets that are lower in overall weight than comparable clincher wheels, because of the shape of the rim, the tire construction, and the lack of rim strips. Tubulars can be ridden at lower pressures than clinchers without the risk of pinch flats, because of the shape of the rim. This makes them well-suited to cyclo-cross, especially in muddy conditions where low tire pressures are used. However, they are difficult to replace and repair and are generally more expensive than clinchers. Also called sew-ups, tubies, or tub.[2]
tubularsRohrepípulaga管状rørtubulairesn. also known as sew-ups, lightweight road tires and rims with the tread directly on the tube, which is glued right onto a rim without bead hooks. Tubular tires do have tubes inside, but because the tube is totally “sewn up” it is not visible without disassembly of the tire. Lately, tubulars are most popular for racing as the construction can be used to make a very light tire. They require glue to change and for this reason have become primarily obsolete to the “clincher tire” for convenience. Opposite of clincher tires, which require a rim with a bead hook and typically use a separate inner tube inside.
tucksteckentjúttatuckrentrern. a riding position, generally a contorted one with the head and torso low, back flat, and arms close in for aerodynamics.
turbo-trainerTurbotrainerturbo-þjálfari涡轮训练器turbo-trænerturbo-entraîneurA trainer that spins a fan assembly at the same time (for pedal resistance and air flow). See Bicycle trainer.
turnWendesnúa转动turtournerA turn is a rider sharing the workload on a pace line "he took a turn" or "he is doing a lot of turns on the front". Missing turns can be expressed thus "he has missed a few turns now and has stopped working". In a breakaway the riders expect to share the work equally in "turns". A rider who doesn't take his turn is "sitting on the break".
tweakzwickenklippa调整tweaktordre1) n. a jump during which the rider twists the handlebars back and forth in mid-air, the more times the better. 2) v. to slightly injure a part of the body or the bike in a crash. "I tweaked my wrist when I fell." 3) v. to make a minor adjustment. "My brake pads were rubbing but I tweaked the cable and it went away." 4) adj. when something isn't quite right, "You'd have to be seriously tweaked to replace those hydraulics with V-brakes."
UCIUCIUCIUCIUCIOPCn. acronym for Union Cycliste Internationale, an international sanctioning organization for bicycle racing.
unobtaniumUnobtaniumóobtaníumunobtaniumunobtaniumadj. describing a bike or accessory made from expensive, high-tech material. A play on "unobtainable" and "titanium."
upstrokeAufschlagupphögg上冲opadgående slagcoup ascendantn. when a rider pulls up on the pedal.
urbanurbanþéttbýli城市的byUrbainAlternatively known as a city bike, a bicycle that is designed to be ridden on the road utilizing components of a mountain bike, similar to a hybrid bicycle.
USACUSACUSAC美国空军司令部USACUSACn. acronym for USA Cycling, Inc. The national organization responsible for the governance of professional and amateur bicycle racing in the United States. The USCF, NCCA, NORBA, and USPRO organizations are part of USA Cycling.
USCFUSCFUSCF南加州大学USCFUSCFn. abbreviation for the United States Cycling Federation. As a member association of USAC, the USCF oversees the conduct of road, track, and cyclocross bicycle racing in the United States.
USPROUSPROUSPROUSPROUSPROUSPROn. acronym for the United States Professional Racing Organization. The USPRO serves as the governing body for professional racing and is an affiliate organization of USAC.
valve stemVentilschaftventilstöng阀杆ventilspindeltige de soupapen. where the pump is attached to fill the tube with air. Bicycle valve stems commonly come in two types, Schrader - (standard American style, like the valve found on you car tire), or Presta the French type. (tall and skinny with a screw in valve lock)
vegetable tunnelGemüsetunnelgrænmetisgöng蔬菜隧道vegetabilsk tunneltunnel de légumesn. a singletrack that is heavily overgrown with foliage, so a rider must duck and bend to get through it.
velo-pornVelo-Pornovelo-klám速度色情velopornovelo-pornon. full-page, four-color advertisements of giblets in cycling magazines. It can arouse giblet lust, giblet envy, and in serious cases, feelings of bike inadequacy. "Peter skipped right over the race results and went straight for the velo-porn."
velodromeVelodromvelodrome赛车场velodromevélodromeA cycling track for races. See track.[11][13]
voidLeereógilt空白ugyldigvide1) n. to empty the contents of one's bladder. "Where were you, man? We waited for at least two minutes." "Sorry, dude, I had to void, my back teeth were floating." 2) n. a deep chasm that you have to clear or you will die.
VTTVTTVTTVTTVTTVTTn. Velo Tout-Terrain, the French term for mountain biking. Velo = bike, Tout = all, and don't even ask me about terrain. 🙂
vulturesGeierhrægammar秃鹫gribbevautoursRace spectators who gather at a technical point of the course where a crash is more likely to occur.[2]
vulturesGeierhrægammar秃鹫gribbevautoursn. spectators who line up at dangerous obstacles in hopes of seeing blood.
wackwack怪人wackwackn. something that is not good. e.g. "It's pretty wack that my bike broke in two."
wallWandveggvægmurA steep incline along a race's course. See also hit the wall.[2]
wallWandveggvægmurn. a road that looks like it goes straight up, because it practically does. Generally used for grades steeper than 10%, depending on region.
wang chungwang chungwang chung王涌wang chungwang chungn. what you might get when your stem has no nard guard. See crotch-testing.
wash outausspülenþvo út洗掉vaske udlaveror simply wash. v. to have the front tire lose traction, especially while going around a corner or when inadvertently locked. Generally results in the wheel ending up somewhere other than under the rider.
washboardWaschbrettþvottabretti搓板vaskebrætplanche à lavern. small, regular undulations of the soil surface that make for a very rough ride.
water carrierWasserträgervatnsberi水载体vandbærerporteur d'eauReferred to in French as a 'Domestique'- these are the members of a team who chase down competitors and try to neutralize their efforts and they will often protect their team leader from the wind by surrounding him. When a leader has to get a repair or stop to answer nature his domestiques will stay with him and pace him back up to the peloton. They are called "water carriers" because they are the ones designated to go back to the team car and pick up water bottles and bring them back up to the leader and other members of the team. In Italian the term is "gregario".
weight weenieGewicht weenieþyngd weenie体重vægt weeniepoids weenieA cyclist that is concerned about the weight of his or her bicycle or its components.[73]
weight-weenieGewicht-Weenieþyngd-weenie体重秤vægt-weeniepoids-weenien. a bike owner (not even necessarily a rider) who is more concerned with how many milligrams a certain component saves off the bike's total weight than with how to be a better rider.
wheelieWheeliehjólhýsi带轮子wheeliecabréLifting the front wheel of the bicycle in the air - through force transmitted through the pedals - whilst riding and continuing to ride on only the back wheel. The rider maintains the wheelie by applying pedalstrokes and rear brake in order to balance the bicycle on only the rear wheel.[13]
wheelieWheeliehjólhýsi带轮子wheeliecabrén. lifting the front wheel off the ground, or the act of riding on the rear wheel only, usually with some combination of pulling on the handlebars, pedaling harder, and balance.
wheelsucker, wheelsuckingWheelsucker, Wheelsuckinghjólasogur, hjólasogur吸轮,吸轮hjulsuger, hjulsugersuceur de roues, suceur de rouesA rider who sits on the rear wheel of others in a group or on another rider, enjoying the draft but not working. Also leech, leeching.[13][44]
white knuckleweißer Knöchelhvítur hnúi白指节hvid knojointure blanchev. to rapidly descend on a trail that's sheer gonzo when you were expecting a cake walk. "Man, I just whiteknuckled that descent at like 50 kph! Why didn't you tell me about the dropoff and rock garden?"
wild pigswilde Schweinevillisvín野猪vilde grisecochon sauvagen. poorly adjusted brake pads that squeal in use.
winkyzwinkerblikur眨眼blinkendeclin d'oeiln. a reflector. "Nice winky set, fred!"
winter bikeWinterradvetrarhjól冬季自行车vintercykelvélo d'hiverA racing bicycle adapted for use in winter seasons. Typically these are less expensive and incorporate mudguards, which are rarely present on their modern summer counterparts.[74][75]
wipe outauslöschenþurrka út抹除udryddeanéantirA crash. Can be used as a verb: "This rider wiped out pretty bad on the wet corner."[2]
wipe outauslöschenþurrka út抹除udryddeanéantirv. to crash.
wipeoutauslöschenþurrka út抹除udryddeanéantirn. a crash.
withmitmeðmedavecIn contexts such as "riding with" and "finished with" used to mean "next to each other or one behind another, close enough to be drafting". Example: "Samuel Dumoulin (Française Des Jeux) and Simon Gerrans (Ag2r-Prevoyance) joined up with the leading four and set about working well together".
WOLWOLWOL沃尔WOLWOLAbbreviation of wide outside lane. An outside lane on a roadway that is wide enough to be safely shared side-by-side by a bicycle and motor vehicle. The road may be marked with partial lane markings to designate the portion of the lane to be used by bicycles.
WOMBATSWOMBATSKVÍBAR袋熊WOMBATSWOMBATn. "WOmen's Mountain Biking And Tea Society", a Marin-based organization founded by writer and former MTB racer Jacquie Phelan.
wonkywackeligtöff摇摇晃晃的skævtbancaladj. not functioning properly. "I bailed, and now my wheel is all wonky and all I hear are wild pigs."
workArbeitvinna工作arbejdetravailTo work is to do "turns on the front", to aid a group of riders by sharing the workload of working against air resistance by "pulling on the front" of the group. Similar to pull. Often used expressively in combination with other expressions: e.g. "He hasn't done any work all day, he has just sat on the breakaway." Working is used in many contexts in the peloton and road racing.[43]
wrenchSchlüsselskiptilykil扳手skruenøgleclén. a bike mechanic. See also tech and mechanic.
yard saleHofverkaufBílskúrssala院子出售loppemarkedvide-grenierA crash causing every piece of gear to be scattered all over the place, like bottles, multi-tools, energy bars, hand pump, etc. The resulting scene is reminiscent of a yard sale.[43]
yard saleHofverkaufBílskúrssala院子出售loppemarkedvide-greniern. (from skiing) a horrendous crash that leaves all your various "wares" -- water bottles, pump, tool bag, etc. -- scattered as if on display for sale.
yellow jerseyGelbes Trikotgul treyja黄色球衣gul trøjemaillot jauneWorn by the rider who is leading in the General classification in the Tour de France.[11]
zone outausschließensvæði út区域外Zone udsortir de la zonev. a state of mind where you think you've reached The Zone, but you really just stopped paying attention to what you're doing. Usually used as an excuse for a particularly embarrassing biff.
Zone, theZone, dieZone, the区,Zone, denzone, lan. a state of mind experienced while riding. You don't think, you just do. A truly Zen experience that can't be fully explained, but when you get there you'll know it and strive to reach it again.
zonkzonkzonk宗克zonkzonerv. same as bonk.


I've been a professional driver/guide since 1988 and still love my job! I've graduated three times from the Iceland Tourist Guide School, and 7 times from university. I tought at the Iceland Tourist Guide School for 10 years, at university for some years and one year I was the head of the Iceland Tourist Guide School. I've got Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4×4 19 seats, MB Sprinter 23 seats, Ford Econoline 14 seats and VW Amarok 4×4 pick up truck – all registered, licensed and insured.

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